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Does The Fruta Vida Drink Really Work?

I was introduced to the health drink Fruta Vida through an e-mail that I didn’t request (spam) but that really caught my attention. It said that if I was to drink this drink called “Fruta Vida” that it would be a kind of a fountain of youth and that it had enough vitamins and minerals in it to really give me the energy I needed to face my 20 students a day at the public school where I teach.

The e-mail was so-well orchestrated I had to investigate further. I started to read through the testimonials. “I’ve lost 20 pounds without diet or exercise. I feel better than I have for twenty years. The hair on my head has actually got it’s color again.”
And on and on and on…

At this point I’ve got to try it. Hey, I’m reaching 40 years of age, and I want all of my internal parts to continue to receive the nutrients they so much need, and I want to stay looking young and fit!

Needless to say, a week later, a small box arrived at my front door, via UPS, and I popped open my first bottle of Fruta Vida! The directions say I can take one to two onces, so I take one, and within a few days, I notice barely anything. I did notice though that some of the aches and pains of muscles and body aches were lessening.

So, I said to myself, “Why not try taking 2.5 ounces? The bottle says I can try up to 3! So, I’m not kidding, starting that night or the following day, I was impressed with the positive effects. I had more energy during the day, I had almost no aches and pains from muscles and body aches, and then one other awesome thing happened.

In the morning, when it usually took forever for my eyes to open and have the feeling that I’ve woken up. You know that feeling? Well, believe it or not, it’s true. After taking the 2.5 ounces in the morning, followed up by a small glass of O.J. my eyes literally opened and my vision was clear within fifteen seconds.

Sounds unbelievable, I know, but it’s true. Then I started doing more research about Fruta Vida and I found out that the World War II fighter pilots used to use the ACAI berry to improve their vision on the night flights so that they could see the enemy and hit their targets!

Hey, if it’s good enough for the U.S. Military, it’s good enough for me, that much is sure! Well, without ever failing me, this precious and tasty (so many health drinks out their taste like castor-oil) drink is tasty.

It’s worth trying and I’m very pleased with my evaulation of the all natural rain forest Amazon Fruit Drink Fruta Vida. I love the impact it’s had on my vision and on my health as a man.

Perhaps someone else out there will give it a try, and maybe, just maybe, they will prolong their life and even see a major improvement in their health.
If that happens, every word I’ve just written will be worth it. As Spock said on Star Trek, “For the good of the one, and not the many…”

Don Alexander
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