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Dog and Puppy Training Secrets For Free

Dog Training Secrets: Dog training is a matter of trust, respect, consistency, time and patience. You could list lots of other attributes but the gist is that it is not really a secret, it is a matter of work, which should be enjoyable for both you and your dog. Probably, the vast majority of people would buy puppies, but there are also a lot of people who get dogs that are somewhat older. With the older dogs they will have had some previous training or will have developed natural bad habits. Bad habits would be especially true if the dog had been a rescue dog, street dog, or previously abused in any way.

With the older dog it is necessary to gain trust first, if the dog does not trust you then they will not be happy being trained and working with you. Patience is essential; it will take time to obtain a good level of trust from your dog. You must praise the dog whenever it completes a task, and you must ensure it is relaxed and happy as possible when with you.

What is normally referred to as dog training secrets? This is actually fairly simple, probably the best way to train a dog is to reward it when it completes a task and to give a particularly good reward when gets a task perfect. Rewards can be pretty much anything but the secret here is to look at what your dog likes most. Some dogs its toys some it is food and some it is just to have a fuss made of them or to run in a field or park with their owner. Once you have decided on their main enjoyment then you have found the treat to give them. Furthermore, you should always praise the dog after it has completed the task you set it, whether that be a simple sit, come here, or something more complex. You should never punish your dog for failing in a task and should only use stern language when it has done something unacceptable. Any failure, etc. should be forgotten as soon as possible and you should move on to the more fun things.

Other dog training secrets are, try to enjoy your sessions, that way the dog will enjoy it. Try to do training 3 or 4 times a day for a period of 10 to 15 Minutes, any longer and the dog will loose concentration. Keep it as fun as possible. Always be consistent, everybody involved in the training must use the same command for a task. Try to incorporate training into the normal routine, get the dog to sit before it eats and wait a couple of seconds, then let it take the food, this teaches sit and wait. Touch the dog while it is eating, this increases trust and reduces the risk of a tantrum should anybody be near it when it has food. Always reinforce good behavior with praise and fussing, the more you do this the more the dog feels appreciated, after all dogs need love too.

Always remember you will not teach an old dog new tricks immediately, but with time consistency and patience you will. Remember your dog wants to be appreciated by you.

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