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Dog Kennel Air Purifier—5 Features You Don’t Want

If you own a kennel for dogs you know how important first impressions are. The smell and the look of your space will say more than any words you can utter. And the right air purifier can make your place come out smelling like a rose—well almost. Here are the 5 worse features you can have so steer clear of any cleaner that has them.

Carbon-less—Carbon continues to be the front runner for its ability to remove gaseous pollutants. Even without urine smell, there is going to be odor from just the sheer number of dogs that are housed in your space.

And then there are those times when they get sick, roll in something they shouldn’t, or just give off that smell that dog-lovers refer to as the “doggie smell”. With all of these odors as a possibility your unit must contain a substantial carbon filter.

No Additive For Urine—As effective as carbon is for odors and gases, it won’t remove the urine smell without help of an additive that is specifically designed to get rid of the ammonia smell that can be so offensive.

Only consider a unit that mentions an additive for urine, or you will be sorely disappointed, and so will your nose.

Minus the HEPA—Hair, dander, fur, and other particles the dogs will literally drag in can make for air that is thick. And unfortunately in a kennel airborne bacteria and viruses use these airborne particulates to ride from one host to another.

The increased possibility of the spread of disease and infection is a horrible threat for your canine clients, is not that great for humans, and even worse for your bottom line if word of contamination gets out to the community through the grapevine.

Having a high efficiency particle arresting (or HEPA) filter included in the unit will eliminate particles down to .3 microns in size. You eliminate germs that can cause disease and infection as the microscopic particles are eliminated..

High Maintenance—Each time you have to stop your purifier for maintenance means that the air is not being cleaned. This lowers air quality rapidly as particles and gases go unchecked and build to embarrassing, irritating, and even harmful levels..

If a purifier lacks a filter, or has a filter but no pre-filters, you are in for a lot of work..

A better choice is a unit that requires low to no maintenance such as occasionally vacuuming it on the outside. You don’t want to take it with you if it needs you to spray, or recharge it. No muss no fuss should be the word on maintenance.

Limited Function—The pollutants in your kennel don’t take a break. And so your air cleaner needs to be able to clean up after them 24 hours a day. A unit that can only run part of the day lulls you into thinking that your air is cleaner..

Instead choose a purifier with a split capacitor motor that can operate effectively and efficiently whether you are there or not. The result will be clients (both 4-legged and 2-legged), and staff who breathe air that is healthier, fresher, and clean smelling. And there’s no down side to that is there?

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