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Dry Emission – Normal Or Not?

In specialized adult movies and online video entertainment, that moment of emission is easy to spot. This is the brief period of time in which the male organ turns into a virtual fountain of reproductive fluid. While the vast majority of real-life emissions might look a lot like this, there are occasions when they come with no spray of fluid. While they may go unnoticed during intimacy with a partner, unless a man is using protection, they are quite obvious during a solo session. These so-called dry emissions, also known as retrograde release can be scary, and some important information about male organ health is required to help men better understand the problem. Here are some of the reasons that a dry release may occur.

1. A Question of Use
Adventurous men who develop dry emissions from time to time mainly do so when they’ve been remarkably lucky. They may have had relations two, three or even four times in the same night, and they may have reached release each and every time.

Rampant activity like this puts a great deal of strain on the equipment’s ability to produce fluid, and sometimes, they just can’t keep up with the amount of action a guy is lucky enough to get. When the supply runs out, the emission is dry, and it stays dry until the equipment has had a little time to do recuperate.

2. Plumbing Problems
Older men can also have rabbit-like activity that can dry out the pipes, but as men age, they also may find themselves dealing with male health problems commonly seen in middle age and beyond. For example, men who are a little older might go under the knife for:

• Prostate enlargement
• Prostate cancer
• Infertility

Surgeons are overall quite good at their jobs, but they can also make mistakes, and the surgery may occasionally damage the tubing, resulting in reproductive fluid being redirected to the bladder, rather than exiting the urethra during an emission. Furthermore, these conditions themselves may affect the direction of a release.

3. Other Issues

Aside from overuse or tissue damage relating to a health problem, some men may experience dry emission from the time they begin experimenting with self-pleasure. Congenital defects or injury to the private area may cause reproductive fluid to be directed into the bladder, rather than ejected from the body. Men who have dry emissions may notice that their urine is cloudy following a release, indicating the presence of reproductive fluid.

Measuring the Severity
Men who only experience dryness at the end of marathon sessions generally have little to worry about. Their equipment works just fine most of the time, and when they’re careful to give things a rest, they’re capable of delivering the goods with ease.

In any event, the dry release itself is not harmful, and not generally a cause for concern unless a man is planning on having children. Men with congenital or health problems, however, may have concerns about fertility. In this case, consultation with a specialist is generally required; a qualified urologist will be able to offer treatment options to reverse the problem and restore fertility.

Day-to-Day Male organ Care
Paying attention to overall male organ health through appropriate personal care will not affect issues like dry release, but it is important to care for the equipment properly on a daily basis. A male organ health crème can help. An intimate lotion (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) contains elements that smooth, soften and strengthen the male tissue, leaving it resilient and responsive. A cream that is enriched with vitamins, antioxidants and quality emollients may help to maintain a more youthful male organ.