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Dublin Tours Can Make Your Holiday

If you are going to Dublin you should seriously consider taking one of the many Dublin tours that are available. You will get far more out of your holiday in the city.

Don’t be one of those people who arrives in Dublin on a weekend break hoping to have a great time. Only to leave disappointed because by the time they have got their bearings their break is over.

If nothing else Dublin tours are a great way of getting the lay of the city. When you go on a tour you can see where the shopping area is in relation to the nightclubs, bars and restaurants and pick out other things you might want to do whilst in the city. There is loads to see and do in Dublin, and it would be a shame to miss any of it just because you could not get your bearings.

Ghosts and History Dublin Tours

Dublin tours are fun no matter which kind of tour you choose to go on. There is a tour for everyone if you are a history nut, you will be in heaven because you can go on a tour that takes in castles, churches, museums, ruins and old houses.

If there is a certain period of history you love then try a medieval tour, a Viking tour or 19th century tour all of which are popular walking Dublin tours. Another popular tour is The Docklands Experience, which shows you some of the industrial history of the city and how the docks have lived and died only to be resurrected again in recent years.

By far the most popular Dublin tours are the ghost tours and there are plenty of them. Most of the best ones are walking tours, but there is also a great night time bus tour called The Hellfire Tour.

Book Your Dublin Tours Early

All Dublin tours are very popular, so it is wise to do your research and book at least some of the tours before you leave for your holiday. Spaces are limited on all tours.

Hidden Dublin Walks offers the most varied Dublin tours the city has to offer. Not all of their tours are walking tours either.