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Dublin Tours

When it comes to holidays in Dublin I am sure most of us would assume that it is about getting as drunk as possible. Dublin is well known for its nightlife and pubs such as Coopers are world famous with many people from all over wanting to visit it. However what many people might not realise is that Dublin offers such much more.

You can see all of the city if you take part in one of the many Dublin tours that are available to you. Depending on what you want to see and the things that you and your family are in to you should be able to find Dublin tours to suit. The city offers loads of history and culture mean you can take in as part of one of these tours.

One of the popular tours that are on offer is the Haunted History Tour. This departs from Small Square three times a week and it takes you through Dublin to visit some of the most haunted properties throughout the city. If that doesn’t sound like something you would enjoy then take part in the Medieval tour that leaves from Grafton street and take in some of the real history of this Irish.

These are just two of the Dublin tours that are on offer to you. There are several others depending on what it is that you want to see and do whilst in the city. These tours leave on different days and at different times so it doesn’t matter when you visit there will be something for you to do and join in with.

Finding out about these Dublin tours is easy enough. There are websites online that give details of the tours available, costs and even times of the tour. They will detail what each tour compromises of and what you will get to see whilst you take part. This should give you an idea of whether it is suited to you and whether it is something you would enjoy. So why not do some research before you go and make the most of your trip away.

The Hidden Dublin Walks company offer some amazing Dublin tours for those people that want to get more out of their holiday in Dublin.