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Easy Steps to Incredible Baby Shower Cakes

Preparing for the special event of a baby shower can be very tiresome. There are so many tasks to get done. For example a theme has to be chosen, a location selected, invitations made, a guest list, and even decorations for the event. There are many tasks that can take time.

An important part of the baby shower is the decoration. Typically a baby shower is a real focus piece that carries the decorations and theme of the shower. Therefore not just any simple store bought cake will do. If you want this to be an exciting event then you want a special custom-made cake. There are three ways to go about this either do it yourself, have another guest of the shower do it or preorder the cake from a local bakery. Either way you want to spend some time with the baker or cake decorator and help them conceptualize the design of the cake so that it matches the theme of the baby shower. Remember the cake often becomes the centerpiece of a table and it is a real focal point.

Of course it is easier to have someone do this for you but to make the occasion very special and to ensure that the cake carries the parties theme it is often better to just do the work yourself or with friends. This way you can use your own creativity with the cake and make it a real signature piece for the baby shower. Not to mention this will also save on overall costs.

If you can follow basic recipes then baking a cake should not be too difficult. Typically you want to start by finding a good recipe for the cake. You can now do this online, or from a traditional cookbook that you know is tried and true.

Typically the design and decoration of baby shower cakes are nursery items. Things like flowers, birds, butterflies, or other baby stuff. Of course you can follow with the traditional baby shower colors of blue, pink or yellow for the frosting. Green and white are also very traditional colors. Typically the colors will be very soft or muted and in the light pastel range.

Another avenue you can take in designing the cake is if the baby shower is scheduled after the baby was born, you can ask for the baby’s picture and have professional cake decorators create an edible cake design using the baby’s picture.

Another idea for the baby shower cake is to use diapers. That’s right – diapers. Of course, this cake is not for the guests to enjoy. However, the mom will definitely appreciate it if there is already a stack of diapers prepared for the baby.

To prepare a diaper cake, all you need to do is carefully stack rolled diapers into several levels (having three levels is suggested). You may use laces and ribbons to keep the diapers in place. However, make sure that you did not tie the diapers too tightly together to prevent them from being deformed. Deformed diapers will be useless and will just end up in the garbage bin.

The diaper cake can also be placed as a table centerpiece. If you still prefer to have a real cake for the baby shower, you can bake or order a simple cake from the bakeshop.

Along with the cake you want to take time and plan for good baby shower food. Typically this is an event that features a light menu things like tea, snacks, desserts, finger foods, and punches. If the male guests have been invited it can be fun to have some grilled foods. This way the dads can bond and talk easily as they tend the barbeque. This can be a lot of fun as it allows everyone to participate in welcoming the new baby into the family.

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