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Easy Way To Burn Fat: Drink Less Alcohol

When searching for an easy way to burn fat, reducing alcohol intake is one of the simplest steps you can take.

Drinking alcohol has a significant negative effect on your ability to build muscle and burn fat; in fact, it can also be harmful to your performance during workouts.

Alcohol negatively influences protein synthesis, which is a necessary process for the development of new muscle tissue; simply put, alcohol reduces muscle gains. Muscle growth is slowed down when protein synthesis is hampered.

Alcohol is also very harmful because of its effects on lowering the body’s testosterone levels. Research has indicated that the body’s testosterone levels drop by up to 25% when under intoxication; remember that testosterone plays a crucial role in the body’s ability to build muscle and burn fat. In addition, it has been shown that alcohol reduces the powerful fat burning hormone called IGF-1.

Maintaining proper hormonal balance is critical to your bottom line results; an easy way to burn fat is to limit your alcohol intake, which, in turn, keeps these levels in check.

Adequate water intake is important to properly hydrate the body and keep its fat burning processes working optimally. Excessive intake of alcohol causes the body to dehydrate; this happens because the body requires a considerable amount of water to process the alcohol.

Alcohol not only affects the body’s hydration levels but also disrupts sleep patterns. While alcohol is technically a sedative, it ruins the quality of your sleep and thus hampers its benefits.

An easy way to burn fat is to reduce your alcohol intake so that your body remains properly hydrated and gets sufficient restful sleep, both of which are essential when transforming your physique.

Additionally, when attempting to burn fat and build muscle, it is crucial for vitamins and minerals to be properly absorbed by the body. Alcohol use has an unfavorable effect on the body’s ability to absorb important minerals and vitamins; this is one more reason why alcohol consumption should be closely checked.

Drinking alcohol directly inhibits the body’s fat burning ability by disrupting The Kreb’s Cycle; moreover, it accelerates the storage of fat by inhibiting the production of fat burning enzymes.

In addition, alcohol has minimal nutritional value and is loaded with empty calories. Cutting these empty calories from your diet is an easy way to burn fat. Based on these reasons, it can be concluded that an easy way to burn fat is to limit alcohol consumption or abstain from it altogether. While a few drinks over the weekend will not be detrimental, intoxication should be avoided at all costs.

If you drink to the point of inebriation more than once a month, you are certainly compromising your fat burning progress. Alcohol is something you will simply have to go without if you are serious about your results and are seeking an easy way to burn fat.

As with anything in life, moderation or balance is the key.

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