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Easy Ways To Gain Weight in Summers

Gaining weight is not just an issue of the cozy winter days, summers also carry the equal chances of drastic weight gain. Although we carry a myth of losing weight with the frequent sweat due to the scorching heat but, the truth is simply opposite! No weight is lost due to the sweat occurring through hot weather. It’s just the clash of inner body temperature and the extrinsic temperature.

For those who are wondering what calorie intake was involved in our diet, here is the answer.

Weight Gaining Habits During Summer : –

  • Chilling with Lemonade and Ice Beverages – After struggling with the violent heat, water seems not enough and refreshers are always welcome, a glass of lemonade and refreshing ice tea would also be good! Right? Well, the frequent intake of the sugary drinks can accelerate the calories and make you gain a lot of weight.
  • Fruit Salad is healthy! – Yeah! Correct, salad is a must have, as it’s a healthy pick but, the extra sauces and a cup full of crème would never compliment if you need to lose some extra kilos. Have a plain salad with a pinch of salt and black pepper.
  • One piece would not increase weight – A single piece of cake or a spoon of ice crème is okay! Really? The parties are enough to make us a little elephant then, having a combination of various sweets and those oil filled snacks are perfect for getting a hefty belly.
  • Mocktails – Yeah, we know you love Virgin Mojito and the great Pineapple crush, those umbrella drinks may feel refreshing but contain around 500-600 calories in a single glass.
  • They are baked – Yes, baked food items have comparatively fewer calories than fried but, no calories are certainly not the meaning! Avoid any of the baked food items on a regular basis.
  • Frozen Yoghurt – Frozen Yoghurt is mistaken to be understood as a combination of health with taste. Yes, yoghurt is good for your gut but, the frozen one contain saturated fat and approximately 400 calories in a single cup.
  • Desert after a meal, makes the meal complete – No! ending up each meal with a desert can never benefit your health, in fact, the excess calories can higher the risk of diabetes and obesity.

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