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Eating Disorder Treatment for the Deadliest Disorder in Psychiatry

Eating disorders afflict millions of Americans. The scary reality of eating disorders is that they are the deadliest conditions in Psychiatry. Eating disorders are also one of the most treatment resistant conditions in Psychiatry. Although female and male eating disorders are difficult to treat, they are treatable, and finding a treatment center that is equipped and knowledgeable in female and male eating disorders is essential.

When selecting a clinic that is equipped to handle eating disorders, it is essential to select one that has the knowledge, experience and expertise to treat the condition. Each treatment plan should be individualized to ensure that the patient’s specific needs are tailored to on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

What Will An Eating Disorder Treatment Center Have to Offer?

When you are considering an eating disorder clinic, it is important to consider the professionals that are onsite at the facility. Treating an individual that has an eating disorder should begin with a comprehensive medical, psychiatric and nutritional assessment so that the center can best determine how to treat the patient. Eating disorder treatments will vary upon the individual’s clinical needs.

The patient should not only receive individualized eating disorder treatment programs, but, ones that are of the highest quality. Therapy groups and individual psychotherapy should be included in the eating disorder treatment program.

Eating disorders can result for many reasons. Trauma is one cause of an eating disorder. Having trained therapists is essential, just as nutritional experts are essential. A registered and licensed dietitian should be part of the staff at the eating disorder clinic. A person suffering with an eating disorder must learn a healthy relationship with food, once again. Therefore, a good treatment plan would include nutritional therapy.

Additionally, the clinic should keep the mind active. In order to achieve a successful outcome, it is important that the mind stay healthy and active. Eating disorders are one of the hardest disorders to overcome. They have continued for years, and the person sees themselves as healthy, even when they have withered away. Training is essential to reconnect the mind with the body to develop a healthy relationship. Exercise will be essential to alert the mind’s endorphins and create the support that the mind needs.

Eating disorder clinics will complete a medical and psychiatric evaluation on the patient, manage medications, if required, schedule psychiatric appointments, provide individual therapy and nutritional counseling, introduce food in a supervised, safe and nurturing setting, provide education to the entire family, provide nutritional and body image group therapy, individualized therapies, provide meditation and yoga groups, teach mind exercise, provide massage and acupuncture, care specialists and a treatment plan that will help the sufferer to overcome their disorder.

Treatment may be intensive and may include an outpatient treatment plan or outpatient treatment plan.

The fact remains, without help, the individual suffering from an eating disorder may be facing death, as eating disorders often lead to death. Getting the necessary help for the person suffering with an eating disorder is essential.

When you or someone you love has a eating disorder, let Delray Center for Eating Disorders help them with an Eating Disorder Treatment that will help to ensure their wellness.