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Eating the Way Your Body Wants to Be Fed

Did you know that you need to eat something every three hours in order to maintain steady blood sugar and energy levels? When you get that hungry feeling it’s too late. Your body acts as if you are trying to starve it and begins to hold on to your fat deposits as a reserve for energy. Eating low carb snacks every few hours of the day is a good way to get necessary energy and nutrient boosts.

Most people have been taught to eat only three big meals per day with a minimum of snacking. While this may be convenient at work, or during other activities, it is not the best for your health. If your goal is a steady level of energy that supports all of the things you want to accomplish, you will need to employ low carbohydrate snacks. When you get that hungry feeling you tend to eat more than you need. You will lose the hungry feeling, and your main big meals will become smaller in proportion. Even though you are eating through out the day your consumption will decrease. In addition to leveling out your energy levels, the allowances of snacks make for easier digesting than large meals.

Low carbohydrate snacking will also help your body to burn fats. When you eat large meals filled with sugars and starch, your body cannot digest it all properly according to its timing. Your body will also lose the need to have the excess fat as reserve, because it is constantly being nourished.

Here are some suggestions for low carb snacking your way into weight loss and higher levels of energy;

Delicious cheese wrapped around the sandwich meat of your choice

Tender roast beef cubes

Fresh and creamy cottage cheese (plain)

A variety of healthy nuts and seeds

Hardboiled eggs

Pre wrapped cheese sticks

Bell peppers with a low carb filling

Tuna salad mixed with chopped celery

Stuffed tomatoes

Celery sticks stuffed with all natural peanut butter

All of the above low carb snacking solutions are quick to prepare and easy to eat. If you are constantly on the go, not only will you appreciate the simplicity of preparation, you will also appreciate the zip that goes with the revival of energy levels. There are many other recipes that require more elaborate preparation that you may want to try for larger meals. Whichever type you choose, low carb snacking is bound to bring positive changes to your lifestyle and the way you look and feel.

Scott Meyers is a staff writer for Its Entirely Natural, a resource for helping you achieve a naturally healthy body, mind, and spirit. You may contact our writers through the web site. Follow this link for more information on Nutrition and Health.