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Ebook Writing – 3 Advantages That Make It a Good Choice for You as an Author

Ebook writing is similar to traditional book writing, but there are three advantages that can make writing an ebook really good choice for you as an author. Let’s take a look.

The content of your ebook is extremely valuable and in your control.

Buyers benefit from purchasing your ebook because you have done all the research and are providing valuable content that is difficult to find by searching forums, blogs and other websites. Instead, people can search and find your ebook and have all the information they need available instantly, in most cases. Even though you may be charging for the same information, you are saving them valuable time and are also weeding out incorrect or poor quality information.

The benefit of writing an ebook instead of a traditional book for you as an author, is that you have total control over your content. You don’t have to worry about seeking out an agent or publishing house and you don’t have the expense of self-publishing to worry about if that is something you’ve considered.

The presentation of your ebook is different than a traditional book.

In a book store, people can judge which book they want to buy by the way it looks and feels in their hand, the size of the text and the feel of the pages. There are some who determine the value of a book by how thick it is or the quality of the materials it’s created from. Because your ebook is a digital product, it has the slight disadvantage in that it cannot be held.

Saying on your sales page that your ebook is 100 pages doesn’t really mean much to someone who’s never experienced what 100 digital pages are. But the advantage of an ebook is that you can change it’s look and feel for very little cost. If you find your ebook isn’t selling in its current state, you can get a graphic designer to create a new ecover, you can easily change the the title and rearrange chapters or pages, and have it up for sale again within hours. You can’t do that with a traditional book!

The delivery of your ebook is different than a traditional book.

The expectation of purchasing an ebook is that it’s delivered immediately. Unlike a traditional book, if you were to buy online at Barnes and Noble or, you have to wait for shipment. Unless you live in a local delivery area, that can take 3-4 business days. But your ebook is delivered instantly and that gives your customer instant satisfaction.

Ebook writing also allows you to stay in touch with your customers. If you have your delivery system set up to capture your buyer’s email address, you have a line of communication with them that you can use for a lifetime. That isn’t typical with a traditional book due to it’s delivery methods.

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