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Effects of Running and Caffeine Article

The caffeine consumption improves the performance of runners. Many athletes have enhanced upon their performance with this drug. The drug acts as a stimulant to the nervous system which develops the capability of the runner. It contracts the muscle quicker and beneficial in short events. It prevents fatigue that drops the performance level. It adds free fatty acids to the blood and conserves muscle glycogen.

Many medical reports suggest that caffeine is diuretic and may “exacerbate dehydration and hyperthermia”.. Runners generally take the drug in form of pill an hour before competition. The quantity differs according to the weight of the runner’s body. It is generally customary that per kg of body weight two milligram of caffeine must be used. The reason for intake of this drug is to prove the maximum level of performance.

Caffeine intake does not pose any health problem which is why people in many countries prefer to take coffee. Coffee has caffeine content with blend of anti oxidants. Many medical experts express that the type two diabetes is found to be less in the coffee drinkers than who does not drink coffee. It lessens the danger of many serious diseases. However, large quantity consumption can give you headache, insomnia and thus will make you stay obsessed to the drug. Caffeine intake in chronic symptoms of fatigue could be harmful and so it has to be avoided in such cases.

Many runners prefer to stay away from this drug to avoid over stimulation. Several others prefer to take a large mug of coffee. Some runners decide the dosage by trial. By such experiment they come to realize the right kind of dose that suits their body. Some experts say that caffeine has three-fold effect. It helps to burn away the fat which acts as energy, it releases calcium from the muscles which increases their endurance and boost performance and it has positive consequence on mind which improves concentration in the competition.

Different pills of caffeine have various effects on body. Some pills help in stimulation and develop the nervous system, some constrict the blood veins to reduce the pain, but it is essential to consult your doctor before taking this drug for any purpose. Therefore do not take the drug without proper advice and take under direct supervision of your doctor or coach.

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