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Eliminate Geopathic Stress Problems with EFT

When you are feeling stressed you will probably blame outside circumstances or other people’s behaviour for your demise. You may think that it is your partner, the kids or your job that are to blame. Maybe you have not had that holiday and are feeling very tired? Whatever the excuses you may have for your stressed state of mind, chances are that you have overlooked an important factor: Geopathic Stress.

What is geopathic stress?

Geopathic stress is caused by subterranean running water, underground plateaus or fault lines which distort the natural vibrations of the earth. These distortions cause harm to living organisms.

If you are regularly suffering from colds ,insomnia, and a general feeling of irritability,feeling you have more problems then most people for no obvious reason, you are likely to be either sleeping or working in a geopathically stressed place.

How does geopathic stress impact on our health?

When you are exposed for long periods to geopathic stress your immune system is under constant pressure because G.S. loweres the vibrational energy of your body.The more time you spend in a geopathically stressed place the more your body will have to try to compensate for the stress, working extra hard to restore itself to its normal vibrational level.Whilst in this state the body lacks the resources to do its normal maintenance and repair work which normally keeps you healthy mentally and emotionally. As your body gets more depleted over time, you become more susceptible to emotional and physical illness.In extreme cases you will be unable to recover your health whilst you are exposed to the geopathic stress.

Scary as this sounds, there are fortunately tools available to deal with the effects of geopathic stress and eliminate it completely.Early recognition is key.A good place to start is by keeping your body’s vibrational energy as high as possible. How can you do this?

Be vigilant of the early signs of stress. Notice if you are feeling more stressed out in certain places. Don’t let your problems get out of hand. Instead, nip them in the bud. You can do this simply by learning an energy technique which helps to re-align the vibrational energy in your system.

One of the best techniques available is EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique.

EFT is simple, powerful and effective. When using EFT you focus the mind on a specific problem, whilst at the same time tapping with your fingertips on a number of meridian points to stimulate the body’s energy system.Mind focus together with the action of physical tapping is a very fast way to change your vibrational energy almost instantaneously.

As you feel your energy increasing you dissolve any resistance to changing your mind state.
You now move effortlessly into problem solving mode.
You continue tapping and focusing on the issue you wish to resolve.

By tuning into the vibrational frequency of your emotional state you can change it quickly thus releasing the unwanted emotion and creating the space for positive thoughts and feelings to enter. As a result your emotional state can be changed in a matter of minutes rather then days or months.You can learn it easily and get fast results whereever you are.

Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is an Advanced EFT Practitioner and Energy Therapist who consults worldwide via the Internet. Solve problems quickly and easily.

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