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Emotional Intelligence – 2 Effective Ways An Author Can Utilize Emotions To Connect Better To Reader

People are fickle beings who constantly change their preferences of style, clothing and other accessories with passing trends. We see a constant change in people’s attitudes towards what we call life and living. Like everyone else who caters to this constant change in people’s attitudes, writers too have to stay abreast with what people want to read about on the current scene, and the kind of language that is acceptable to the times. This does seem even more applicable to non fiction writers, where content needs to keep up with the times as well.

One of the major changes on non fiction writing in recent years in the attitude that society has now accepted towards emotional intelligence. In the days of old, people believed that emotions were always a distraction, and no good was to come out of letting your emotions affect your work. This may be true to an extent, but today it is widely accepted that emotional intelligence, when harnessed in the right manner can actually improve work efficiency.

Recent studies have shown us that emotions are not independent of intellect, and that when they are in tandem, we see a successful work habit. Therefore it is important to study emotional intelligence just as much as IQ or intelligence quotient.

Writers of today thus need to work towards involving this modern philosophy in their works, to be read widely and popularly. For a writer to familiarize himself with writings of such kind, it is a great idea to take a look at other pieces of similar nature written by other writers. Examples of such writing can definitely help a writer incorporate the emotional intelligence phenomenon into their own work.

Connectivity with the reader: In days gone by, writers were encouraged to write objectively and without bias. Today however, the successful writer is he who can win a place in the hearts of his readers by writing with a definite bias. Readers of today return time and again to the writer who can strike an emotional chord within them, and this is an example of emotional intelligence at work in the writing field for you.

Creative Writing: Writing is a form of art, and any art form requires for the artist to tap into his own emotional reserve to come up with something creative. Writers too, look within to find something close to their heart to write on, because it is only when you use such emotional reserves that the writer can portray himself as am emotional being and strike the right chords in his readers’ minds.

However, we often hear of writers’ block, where the writer feels an exhaustion of emotion so is unable to write any more. Well, the solution to this lies in recharging those emotions by reading other writers’ emotional writings! There you have emotional intelligence at work once again, in the field of writing.

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