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Enjoy a Marvelous Trip to the Hidden Places of Umbria

Umbria, located to the east of Tuscany, is home to some of the most interesting and beautiful towns in Italy. These towns are rich in history, art and architecture and parts of it are within reach of Greve in Chianti.

Here are a few of the interesting places of Umbria that you can explore staying at Umbria villas while on your visit to Umbria.


This is a chief centre for the making of painted ceramics in Italy and this is the main reason to visit this attractive town in the Province of Perugia. However, the majolica museum is excellent and there are of course a significant number of ceramics shops. There are also fine gothic church and an art museum housing a fresco by Perugino.
When shopping in any shop don’t expect bargains as deruta-ware is hand-painted, high quality and produced in many small factories and homes. Deruta majolica is not a mass-produced product.


This is one of the most dramatic townscapes in Europe and situated on the flat summit of a large butte of volcanic tuff, rising above the vertical cliffs that are extended by defensive walls of the same stone. The most interesting thing to see is the façade of the Duomo of Orvieto – a masterpiece of Italian gothic art, comprising of bands of white and black stone decorated with bronze dragons, gold mosaics and marble bas-reliefs by Lorenzo Maitani. Other sights include the deep spiral Well of St. Patrick, and other caves and tunnels, some even dating from Etruscan times.


Being a major center of Italian art and architecture, Perugia is the capital of Umbria. The Cathedral of S. Lorenzo stands on the Piazza IV Novembre. Another side of the piazza is formed by Palazzo dei Priori (the Town Hall, encompassing the Collegio del Cambio, Collegio della Mercanzia and Galleria Nazionale). The Collegio del Cambio has frescoes by Pietro Perugino, while the Collegio della Mercanzia has a fine wooden interior. Apart from the above attractions the other major sights are the Church of San Pietro and the Tempio di San Michele Arcangelo, a round church built on the foundations of a Roman temple.

Lake Trasimeno

Traditionally known as the lake of Perugia – Lake Trasimeno is the largest lake in the peninsular Italy, being slightly smaller than Lake Como. The lake has three islands, one inhabited ad several attractive villages embellished around it. The shores of Lake Trasimeno are for the most part dense with reeds that are the home to a wide range of bird-life. A drive around the lake makes an excellent one day excursion.

A trip to the hidden places of Umbria will offer a great holiday experience. Staying at one of the luxurious Umbria villas, you can enjoy a great trip.

Gilbert is a travel writer. Staying at Umbria villas, he had enjoyed to travel to some of the remote places of Umbria.