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Enrich Your Baby’s World With Toys

Nothing can take the place of parents to enrich their child’s world, but there are toys that can aid parents on the quest to teach their children basic and advanced skills. One such toy that children can learn while playing is the Sort n Lace Caterpillar. This toy helps children to learn colors, sorting, and counting as well as gives them a chance to practice fine motor skills when lacing the beads. Children ages 18 months and older will enjoy playing with this.

Tolo Sneezy The Stacking Dragon is a great way for babies 6 months and older to learn stacking skills. This five ring stacker has various textures for baby to explore like crinkles, chimes and rattles. Baby will love playing with this cheerful dragon and never realize they are learning.

All Children love blocks, and for babies who are not ready for the wooden ones yet, there is Soft Busy Blocks they can enjoy in the meantime. Moms will love these blocks because they are machine washable, and baby will love discovering the sounds and textures that each block has. They are a great toy to take traveling because they will easily squish into a diaper bag.

Toys for early learning should engage children on a number of levels. Stacker toys can address children’s love of colorful shapes and can give them a sense of confidence when they are able to stack the assorted shapes correctly.

Toys that have sorting properties are always recommended for babies. You can find many types of this toy from a soft sorter to a more sturdy shape sorter. You can find toys that can be sorted by geometric shape or colors. Children love to be able to manipulate shapes into the proper hole and you will love seeing your child’s self esteem soar when they figure out which one goes where.

Children love toys that they can bang and pound on, and a workers bench with colorful pegs and a sturdy mallet can help to get out frustrations in a healthy way. As long as your child is not using the mallet on siblings or pets, this toy is a great way for them to learn spatial skills

Fantasy blocks can send imaginations flying with all the fun shaped blocks they come in. Children and parents alike will spend hours building castles, houses and whatever else you and your little one can think of to build. They are stairs, and rooftops of various styles so your child can build a fantasy home that can house their many friends, real and imaginary.

When children don’t have access to toys, they will make use of whatever is at hand. You can help your child to learn necessary skills in a fun environment. Classic toys that have long passed the tests of time are available in updated styles to meet today’s new generation. When you go shopping for toys for your child, when you see toys you enjoyed as a child, don’t hesitate to purchase them. If they are still being enjoyed by today’s children, you can feel assured that your child will love playing with some of your old favorites.

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