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Envision Costa Rica Vacations Advice From A 3-Toed Sloth?

ICT (Costa Rica Tourism Board) just put out an ingenius marketing campaign for the Costa Rica vacations sector.

Upon releasing “The Gift of Happiness” campaign, members of the tourism board had no clue what was to happen — and from the most improbable place.

In past attempts at marketing the country to other countries like the USA, Canada and Europe, Costa Rica has… well, not much to write home about. This time it wasn’t the same. This time Costa Rica maintained the services of USA based marketing agency, 22squared and would tap the same demographic that helped elect a president!

Social Media marketing has grown in to an super formidable marketing medium as more people begin to see it’s true power.

Senor Sloth is the main crowd-puller in the Gift of Happiness campaign and he would make a buzz unlike anything before with respect to Costa Rica marketing.

Never before has there been such a fantastic ambassador for the Costa Rica vacations and tourism area like Mr. Sloth.

Mr. Sloth represents life in Costa Rica all it includes… caring and worry-free. Which shines through on all the commercials starring Mr. Sloth. He is becoming a little vip.

ICT certified Costa Rica travel agency spokesperson, Casey Halloran had this to say:

“We’ve been seeing tremendous growth in the Costa Rica vacations packages we provide however as of late (thanks in part to Mr.Sloth) we’ve seen spectacular exposure for our country throughout the international arena.”

With the words of “pura vida” going viral across the web, Costa Rica’s representative, Mr. Sloth laments the reasons why so many North Americans and Europeans alike, travel here every year.

Pristine and untouched are words associated with Costa Rica. Costa Rica has been recognized as one of the planet’s most important and delicate eco-environments and for this reason, thousands of tourists flock here each year.

Did you know Costa Rica has 5% of the planet’s plants and animals?

At least this is what Mr. Sloth states to be accurate.

There is a selection of things to try while visiting Costa Rica. A popular one is the fantastic blue water fishing they have. Every year there are prominent blue water fishing competitions where sport fishing fans comes from all over the world to enjoy some of the finest Costa Rica fishing vacations in the world.

With an amazing array of fish species, Costa Rica has become a magnet for sport fishing enthusiasts, claims Chris Atkins of Costa Rica Fishing Pros.

“In fact, just a few weeks ago we had a client land an awesome 923lb black marlin.”, said Atkins.

Of the variety of things to do in Costa Rica, another super fun activity is zip-lining.

The sport of zip-lining is very popular with tourists looking for that different adventure of soaring through the tree tops of the rain-forest. It’s the nearest you’ll ever feel to an eagle as it softly brushes the tree tops as it glides about.

Costa Rica has it all — whether you’re looking for relaxation, spiritual reawakening or adventure, Costa Rica has it all in spades.

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