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EPDM Membrane Manufacturers

Flat roof extensions offer a real challenge to the homeowner. They give exceptional benefits, such as increased living space and increased property value, but they also pose a problem of finding the right roofing material to prevent rain and other surface water from seeping through the roof and into the building below. This is where EPDM membrane manufacturers really prove their worth, providing a rubber membrane that protects against all weather conditions as well as physical damage.

EPDM membrane manufacturers create high quality roofing materials that are especially well suited to flat roof extensions because they are long lasting and highly durable. They protect not only against the rain but against snow, ice, wind, and even the sun’s harmful rays. They last for decades, too, and are surprisingly easy and quick to install without the need for any adhesion or glue.

One of the great benefits of EPDM is how easy the membrane is to install. The membrane comes in many different roll sizes so that you can find a roll that matches your size requirements. This means that you do not need to glue or otherwise fix multiple pieces of the membrane together and instead can enjoy a single piece of EPDM that covers the whole extension roof. With no joins between pieces, there’s no need to glue or heat the material for fitting.

Leading EPDM manufacturers have been creating high quality roofing materials for decades and some of the first installations of this material are still in full working order 50 years after being first fitted. You could enjoy a similar lifespan for your new roofing material so you won’t need to get it replaced or have potentially costly repairs done to your roof.

EPDM membrane manufacturers provide a beneficial and useful product that is especially designed for the protection of flat roof extensions and other flat roof buildings. The membrane is easy to install, quick to fit, environmentally friendly, and could potentially last you for 50 years or more with virtually no maintenance whatsoever required during this period. Enjoy protection from the weather and from physical damage with top quality EPDM membrane.

EPDM membrane manufacturers offer top quality, long lasting flat roof membrane that is ideal for extensions and other flat roof buildings.