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Essential Materials Explained: Rock Salt

Rock salt is really an unsung hero in the UK, let alone other nations which suffer from weather cold enough to cause icy road surfaces. The material is used in vast quantities in places like Scandinavia and Russia which experience extremely cold and icy winters. Rock salt is the best way to clear the roads of ice and therefore should be given due credit as one of the most important materials in the world today.

We have all come across rock salt before. The material is what we refer to when we say that the roads are being ‘gritted’. As you can imagine something so useful is highly sought after all over the world and even with high tech innovations such as chemical de-icers there still is not anything better for large scale ice clearance than rock salt.

Rock salt, or halite to use its proper name, is the mineral form of sodium chloride which exists in the form of isometric crystals (where the central cell is the shape of a cube). The material is often clear or white in appearance in its purest form but can be tinged with a range of colours including blue, orange and red. Rock salt supplies are taken from vast deposits which are found in ‘beds’ all over the world.

Obviously the roads would be much more dangerous in winter if it was not for rock salt. Brine (salt and water) has a lower melting point than normal water and consequently when added to pure ice it causes it to melt. Rock salt is therefore stockpiled by the likes of local authorities as when it is dumped on icy roads by special vehicles it melts the ice quickly and reduces the chance of accidents significantly.

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