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Everyone Pays For Impaired Driving Accidents

When an individual chooses to drive when they are drunk or otherwise unable to operate a car properly, they take their lives, and the lives of those around them, in their own hands. Impaired driving could have a disastrous outcome for the driver, their passenger and other people on the road. There could also be significant damage to property, but the potential for loss of life is the greatest danger of all.

According to the most recent highway reports, calculated in 2009, there were 12,744 national drunk driver incidents in which a person was killed. Operating a vehicle while intoxicated is the number one impairment and the most often reported by media outlets. However, other types of impairments such as drugs, prescription and street or illegal drugs are also to blame for impairing drivers.

Impairments are considered anything that may take the individual’s attention away from the task at hand, operating the vehicle. Medications are often overlooked as a possibility for impairing an individual behind the wheel of an automobile. Many prescription drugs inform patients not to take while operating heavy equipment or machinery, but people don’t think the manufacturers mean an automobile.

Drinking while operating a car is not necessarily the most common type of impairment of someone behind the wheel, but it is reported as such. Younger people, those new to driving, are often taught about impairment in the driver’s seat through a simulator that shows them what it’s like when they have too much to drink or too many drugs. The simulator shows them how impaired they may become with too much.

Many people will not consider drugs a problem with consideration to impairments and driving. Prescription drugs can cause a host of problems for the individual taking them including blurred vision, delayed reaction time and sleepiness. Many law enforcement officials and judges are now considering prescription drugs as a viable defense in cases against drivers who were under the influence of the drugs when they cause bodily harm or property damage.

There are a range of consequences for someone who was pulled over and then arrested for operating a vehicle while something caused impairments to their vision or response time. Someone could lose there drivers license, they could pay a fine or they could face prison time, which all depends on their attorney and the judge. What is more devastating is their guilt and shame, and that would increase if something were to have happened to someone they knew or anyone for that matter.

A DWI (Driving while intoxicated) or DUI (Driving under the Influence) could also be devastating to an individual because they may lose the privilege to drive. Other consequences would be to report the incident to their employer. If their job has anything to do with operating a vehicle, they could be fired from that job.

Impaired driving hurt everyone, not just the driver of the car or someone they may hit. People who depend on the driver for support or as an employee will also be disappointed and hurt by an impaired individual’s actions. Driving while intoxicated or when under the influence of drugs can impair a person’s ability to operate their vehicle properly. This could lead to minimal damage all the way up to death.

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