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Exercising Coupled With Healthy Food Consumption Could Aid In Fat Loss

It is fairly well known that running is a great way to exercise. It helps keep your body in shape, your heart healthy and keeping excess fat off your body. Running is the first step and while being active is very important, if you want to lose weight you must have a healthy diet plan.

If you are a regular runner, but you still can’t seem to shed off some of that extra belly fat it may be time to change what you are eating. Exercise alone can help many people keep off unwanted weight, but when it comes to actually dropping excess weight, you need to change your eating habits. Think of cardio like running as more of a maintenance routine, rather than a fat burning method.

This means you will have to look at the amount of food you intake as well as what types of foods you are eating. Most people just think they have to eat less to lose weight. The truth is you have to change what types of foods you are eating as well. There are many foods such as ones with high carb and sugar content that will make it very difficult to lose weight. Below you will find some tips to help you lose weight that you can implement along with your running routine.

A common mistake that people make is thinking that just because they are running, they don’t have to watch what they eat. While running will keep a good majority of calories off, if you are eating fatty and sugary foods you will plateau and not be able to lose the weight you want. This is on top of the fact that ingesting to much sugar can lead to health problems of its own.

If you turn around your diet to where you are eating healthier foods such as lean meats, fresh veggies, healthy fats and a potion of fruits you will start to see dramatic changes. You should also limit foods such as dairy and foods with high carbohydrates since they turn into sugar once processed by your body.

One quick tip if you are a coffee drinker is to cut out milk or creamer in your coffee. This is a daily consumption that can hold you back from dropping fat. By making this easy tweak you can see results in just a week or two.

One way of keeping to your diet is to keep a log of what you eat on a daily basis. Break it down into breakfast, lunch dinner and snacks. This way you will see where you are eating things you should not be and by making small changes you will see what is helping you lose weight.

Hopefully you use these two tips and implement them. There really is no secret to losing weight, it just takes changing your habits by being active and eating better. Change your diet and keep a diet journal and you will start to see results.

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