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Experience First-Class Salmon Fishing In The Queen Charlotte Islands

If one were to ask a fishing enthusiast to describe heaven, he would probably say it was a place where the big ones ran all year, there were miles of water to drop a line into, the scenery was magnificent and the shore was teeming with interesting wildlife. He might also add that, at the end of a catch-filled day, he could return to a comfortable, well-appointed lodge and a gourmet dinner. In other words, he would be talking about a BC salmon fishing lodge in the Queen Charlotte Islands, now known as Haida Gwaii.

An archipelago on the north coast of British Columbia, Haida Gwaii is made up of Graham, Moresby and about 150 smaller islands, including Anthony, Langara and Kunghit, all separated from the mainland by Hecate Strait and situated between Vancouver and Alaska. Because they are located directly on the route taken by migrating salmon on the way to their spawning grounds in virtually every river in the American northwest, BC salmon fishing guides can boast of the longest salmon fishing season anywhere. These sought-after fish run from April through October in the waters surrounding Haida Gwaii in great enough numbers for all fishermen to take home at least one trophy specimen.

Of course, King Salmon are not the only species that abound here. Cohos, halibut, lingcod and red snapper are also plentiful and during the winter months, the sporting steelhead can be caught and released. Additionally, the surrounding scenery is so spectacular that even without a line in the water, a visitor will be entranced with the frequent appearance of otters, bear, eagles, deer and whales among the other scenic attractions.

Aside from great fishing, the islands offer charter packages that include superb lodging, gourmet meals, and guided tours. Guides will also provide visitors with bait, tackle and other equipment, including foul weather boots and clothing when they do want to drop a line. When they’d rather stay on shore, they can indulge in strenuous activities like camping, hiking and golfing or more relaxing pursuits such as shopping and day spas, visiting art galleries, and viewing Ninstints, the best collection of in situ totem poles on the continent.

With so much beauty, so many activities and so much space, not to mention so many fish and so little competition for them, a fishing vacation off the coast of British Columbia is most assuredly an angler’s dream.

When you’re looking for king salmon fishing charters in Canada, author Stephen Daniels recommends you check out North Coast Fishing for their Queen Charlotte Islands charters.