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Experiencing Healing Systems

There are many different kinds of understanding. There is intellectual learned understanding, emotional understanding or empathy, and experiential understanding, which many people tend to call wisdom. For some people, one kind of learning is more effective than others, and for many people it seems to depend on the topic as to how they prefer to digest it. When learning about sacred healing systems, each of these ways of understanding is valid but it would seem that some have a more profound effect than others, especially when it comes to people who initially experience resistance or are just skeptical of healing systems, whether as a general feeling towards anything that isn’t easy to understand, or because of a specific religious feeling or misinterpretations. There are a number of reasons why a person might experience resistance upon first encountering a healing system, whether that be the healing star system of healing or a modality such as acupuncture, an example of one better known component of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), which just a short time ago was considered unfounded and since has become widely accepted in many areas around the United States. It can be a matter of having been raised to believe differently by one’s parents or society, and in the example of acupuncture which has been around for more than a generation now, and has become more accepted because of that fact. It might be as simple as the fact that a person does not want to admit something to themselves, or they struggle to accept that which they cannot easily explain or understand, making them skeptical enough to assume that what ever it is healing systems do, it won’t help them, regardless of the first hand accounts of others- it is much easier to explain away something as untrue, than look at it with an open mind and heart, no one wants to be deceived, so they choose to just disregard healing modalities. It is an odd phenomena, that human tendency to reject healing and happiness when it is offered to them, but fortunately it is one that can be overcome. We have a tendency to accept that we are not going to be happy, health, and whole. But it is when we stop growing and learning, that we stop really living. And the best way to find out if something really is a hoax, or a truly healing and positive experience, is to try to for yourself, and since healing systems do not require you to have a certain belief system or religious affiliation, you don’t have any real reason to not looking at alternative healing with an open mind, the only thing you have to lose is the unhealthy parts of yourself.

This phenomena is, in part, why some ways of understanding can be more effective than others, and that their effectiveness varies greatly between individuals. An intellectual understanding of a healing system allows a person to see how it works- why it works, and maybe gains insight far beyond that, depending on how deep the individual wants to explore. It does not, however, give a person wisdom on the subject, only knowledge. It is through experience that a person gains wisdom about a healing modality. It is also through that experience that the initial resistance can be broken down, in large part because of the healing that takes place. Most people adopt thought and belief patterns that do not truly serve us, these limiting patterns prevent us from stepping into who we are when we have whole wellness and health- mind, body, and spirit. When these limiting and negative patterns begin to be broken down and healed, one’s ability to embrace new ideas is often renewed. It may also be that for some people, the need to understand intellectually allows them to feel more comfortable and at ease, allowing intellectual acceptance to pave the way for embracing healing traditions, old and new. The only style of learning that is wrong, is when you choose to not learn at all, to make a judgment based on stereotypes or misconceptions you may have- the world is a much better place when you look at it with an open mind, even if you find something is not for you, you at least have a solid reason why. It’s kind of like when we are children, and someone is trying to get you to try a new food, many of us might have heard something like “how do you know you don’t like it if you haven’t ever tasted it?” Same basic principle applies here. And there are so many different healing systems, like flavors and tastes, there is bound to be something that rings wonderful for everyone.

You can find many first hand accounts of healing systems that have been life changing, and plenty of information on the healing systems that are available for anyone to experience the healing we all need. SQ Wellness supports healing systems like the healing star and healing communities, and they have knowledgeable healers to provide information to satisfy any learning preferences. And they are available to contact if you have a specific question about finding a healer or better understanding sacred healing systems. The only wrong way is to not learn at all.