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Explore Your Options, How To Straighten Your Smile Without Braces

Living with anything less than beautiful , straight white teeth can be a source of great unhappiness , If you have crowded or misaligned teeth that overlap, protrude , or draw back in a random fashion , this article will tell you how to attain a new, dazzling smile.

Although Orthodontics is most often the best way to correct crowded teeth, it is not the only way. Less expensive and less time-consuming methods may be used if the problem is not too serious .

Although teeth may not be in ideal position , creating the false impression that they are may allow you to accomplish your aesthetic goal .

Crowded or uneven teeth may require a mixture of techniques . Your perfect treatment, for example my include orthodontics to reposition the teeth followed by bonding , veneers or ceramic crowns to improve the final aesthetic outcome. The choice of treatment ultimately depends upon your commitment of time and finances, as well as your dental and cosmetic needs . Here is a list of few treatments offered to you;

Cosmetic Contouring

Cosmetic Contouring is a straightforward and painless reshaping procedure in which tooth structure is contoured with finely ground special diamonds , It is used to improve the appearance of the teeth by giving the illusion of alignment and consistency .

Although its simplicity generally makes it the most chosen therapy, tooth contouring is not right for everybody, it is the best option if you have only slightly crowded teeth and you do not wish to have anaesthetic used and obviously you prefer a fairly inexpensive and quick treatment.

Dental Bonding

If your smile need a little something more and tooth contouring alone cannot shape up your smile, it can be combined with composite resin bonding to build out the fronts or backs of the teeth to get in line with the adjacent teeth. The result is an illusion of straightness that can be quite satisfying.

Tooth bonding technique offers a number of benefits for patients: It is quick, affordable , relatively painless and long lasting . It is a great choice to more extensive and more expensive cosmetic dentistry treatments with veneers, dental bridges, and tooth crowns, and also the composite used in a cosmetic bonding procedure is very flexible, and expands or contracts with the natural tooth to prevent fractures and tooth loss .

Cosmetic Veneers

If you want to give your smile a whole new look , veneers are the vital choice. In many cases, veneers can also offer sensible compromise when you want to avoid orthodontic treatment . Uneven and crowded teeth covered with porcelain veneers will usually give the result of a refined, natural smile.

Cosmetic veneers are ultra-thin shells of ceramic material, which are attached to the front of a tooth. This technique requires little anaesthesia, and can be the ideal option for improving the appearance of the front teeth. Porcelain veneers are placed to mask discoloured teeth or change the appearance of teeth. The veneers are bonded to the teeth with very strong resin cement and generally can last for many years, and the technique has shown excellent durability when properly performed.

Dental Crowns

If you are looking for a dramatic result, crowns are another way to correct the problem of crowded teeth. Although they are more expensive and time-consuming than most of the preceding options, they can create a more striking change and may be a preferable alternative, particularly when teeth are damaged or receding at extreme angles from the root structure.

When you have decided that crowns are the right choice for your crooked teeth, it’s wise to spend a little extra money for a wax-up or trial smile. This will allow you to see the intended result before your natural teeth are touched. You can make a grave mistake by crowning crooked teeth and thinking they will look terrific . You may not be happy with the result since the final crowns may be much thinner than your own natural teeth. In such cases, you will not only have lost the money spent on crowns , but you will probably end up undergoing the treatment you should have gotten in the first place – Orthodontics

Cosmetic crowns have limited use for crowded and crooked teeth because the orientation of the teeth to be crowned must be aligned with the neighbouring teeth. If they aren’t, the crowns won’t be able to compensate for the difference. In other words, the same problem that existed with the natural teeth may also exist with the crowns.

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