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Exploring a Boating Marine Lifestyle

A boating marine life is certainly a different kind of existence. Be prepared to ditch the conventional expectations of society as you embark on this lifestyle. Things like white picket fences and SUVs do not exist on the ocean. The good news is that thousands of people have discovered for themselves just how fulfilling a boating marine life can be.

Choosing a boating marine life does not necessarily mean deciding against marrying and having children. Many families successfully live for years on houseboats. Many adventurous types even sail around the world together.

For this to work, it is imperative that the family is close and good at problem solving. It is not easy to slam doors and have a time out when you are in tight quarters in the middle of the ocean. Nonetheless, for families that are willing to remain level headed and work together, a boating marine lifestyle can and does work well.

If you are alone, your choices for a boating marine life are limitless. You could sign on for a stint as a deckhand on a tall sailing ship or travel the world on a luxury cruise ship. You can even choose to purchase a small seagoing vessel and travel alone. Ply the same waters once traveled by pirates and explorers or simply live just offshore on a houseboat.

Choosing a boating marine life means giving up certain comforts. Much like living in an RV, space on a boat is at a premium. You and your travel partners(s) must be comfortable in extremely small and crowded quarters. Even if you sign on with a commercial ship, your living area will be cramped.

If you are venturing out alone or with family or friends, you should familiarize yourself with how to make basic repairs on your vessel. In many parts of the world, you may be far from easy assistance when your boat breaks down. It is imperative for anyone who plans to begin a boating marine life to know how to solve problems with the boat.

Make sure that your boat is in top shape before setting off on any voyage. Have the vessel inspected by a professional. Also, file a sailing plan with the Coast Guard as well as leaving a copy with a trusted friend or relative. Make sure that you have adequate boating supplies on board including extra drinking water and a full set of tools.

Make several practice runs prior to embarking on a long voyage. This will allow you to fine tune your packing list and gain extra familiarity with your boat. Boating safety and proper boating gear are essential to a successful voyage.

You may or may not have the right personality for a boating marine life, but you’ll never know if you don’t give it a try. Plan on missing some of the things that you have come to consider normal.

You will probably spend a lot less time with people. In exchange, however, you will discover the beauty of the ocean. You will also encounter a number of people who share your passion for the water. These people will make up your new community.

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