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Extending Your Property By Having A Classy Conservatory

We have all no doubt felt the effects of the latest recession, so we are all too aware that moving house is not really a viable option. But what should you do if you’re outgrowing your present property, yet moving somewhere else is simply impossible?

The only real option is to extend your present home. As well as providing much needed extra room, it’s going to undoubtedly add substantial value to your property in the event you decide to sell later on.

One of the more popular home extensions is a conservatory. Conservatories can be an aesthetically pleasing improvement to any home and with the wide range of designs available, suit almost any budget.

A conservatory can offer the perfect solution for any space requirements whether it is a children’s playroom, a dining area or somewhere calm to sit and relax.

An additional room to provide a tranquil space is a driving force behind many people’s decision to add a conservatory to their property. The large windows of a conservatory make this ideal, it creates the feeling of being closer to nature along with supplying natural light.

This also ensures that a person can feel close to nature through the cold months of winter when they don’t feel like heading outdoors.

So you have taken the first step and decided that a conservatory is the right choice, how can you make sure that the final results live up to your expectations?

The first crucial point is, don’t rush into any decisions. Salesmen are trained to get you to sign on the spot, and as much as we’d want to believe it, they don’t have your best interests at heart. So shop around, speak to friends and family who have previously taken the plunge into a new conservatory, and research various styles and materials.

Once you reach the stage of obtaining a quote, ask for a breakdown of costs so you know precisely what you’re going to receive for the money. This will assist to ensure that you are not hit with additional costs further down the road.

You’ll also need to consider where the best place for your conservatory will be. Traditionally south facing conservatories benefit from the majority of the sun, this can be an advantage in the winter when any warmth can be absorbed and assist with heating however you will have to bear in mind the summer temperatures can see a conservatory reaching temperatures in the region of 40 degrees. Being mindful of this, you’ll want to ensure that the conservatory will have adequate ventilation, and you should discuss the possibility of getting the roof fitted with ‘Celsius performance’ glass.

Finally, you should consult your authority that you’re legally allowed to have the extension built. Throughout England and Wales most people don’t experience any problems with this, but the last thing you want is to pay out for a conservatory only to discover that you do not hold the appropriate permission and be told to take it down.

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