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Extradition Attorney

Attorney Joffe will work on your behalf to ensure you receive fair and equitable treatment, speedy litigation service and proactive representation on your behalf.

What does federal law say about extradition? Under Federal Law 18 U.S.C. 3184 “extradition may be granted only where there is a treaty present addressing extradition.” Generally, international extradition may be granted if there is no death penalty involved. Extradition may not be granted if the reason for extraditing is for a political crime. If you are facing extradition, attorney representation is a must if you wish to immediately avoid being taken in for police custody.

David Joffe and associates from the Joffe Law Firm have represented many clients facing legal action due to the extradition process. Joffe can protect your civil rights and work to pre-empt further criminal charges. His firm has offices located in Tampa and other cities throughout the state of Florida. He is an experienced criminal attorney who understands Florida extradition law.

Before you can be extradited, here are some facts you need to be aware of. Extradition processes can be lengthy. Florida litigators want to be sure that the extradition is valid from the requesting entity. Without informed legal representation, you could be cooling your heals in jail while the judicial wheels in Florida turn. If you are arrested based on another state or country’s outstanding warrant, a warrant for extradition-called a “Governor’s Warrant,” will be issued. If you do not have an extradition attorney present, the state of Florida will probably return you to the wanting state or country sooner than if you had legal representation.

An experienced extradition attorney such as David Joffe can work to have bail reduced; custody dismissed or enact the Interstate Family Support Act. The Interstate Family Support Act means that you wouldn’t have to leave the state where your family currently resides. Knowledge is power. Joffe Law Firm has the knowledge and power to successfully litigate and answer the charges in your extradition case.

By seeking representation with an experienced extradition attorney such as David Joffe, you are acting to protect your civil rights and ultimately, piece of mind. Joffe defense attorneys might be able to piece together enough evidence in your favor to help you terminate extradition proceedings.

If you have had an extradition request made against you, then you will face immediate action by state or federal law enforcement agencies. If you are found and arrested, you will be subject to a variety of legal penalties. An extradition attorney such as David Joffe can help you to understand your rights.

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