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Ezine Marketing-5 Things To Get Started

The word ezines is short for electronic magazine. Think of it as your own email marketing newsletter. You can also think of it as an income stream because anyone can make money online publishing one.

It is actually fairly easy to start your own ezine. What is surprising is how many Internet marketers fail to capitalize on this potential marketing strategy.

You really only need 5 things to get started. Let’s look at those in this article.

1. Autoresponder. This is where you store your subscribers names and email addresses. I personally use Aweber, but there are many excellent autoresponders available today.

Autoresponders do not take a lot of technical knowledge to operate. Once you get the hang of it you’ll find it is very easy to utilize them to send your ezine out.

2. Format. How are you going to format your newsletter? You want to be consistent in what you send out so people get used to seeing it.

One thing you can do is subscribe to the ezines of other successful Internet marketers in your niche. This will help give you ideas on how to set up your own.

3. Blog. One of the best ways to sell products in your newsletter is to refer traffic back to your blog.

A blog can also be used to help you attract new subscribers. This provides you with a couple of ways to take advantage of blogging and build your list at the same time.

4. Content. What are you going to put in your ezine?

Because you can pre-program your autoresponder in advance many people will set up their ezine content so it automatically goes out at a predetermined time. This is not a bad way to get started because it allows you to focus on building subscribers as opposed to publishing.

Eventually you’re going to want to be a little more responsive to what’s going on in the marketplace. Setting up a schedule to publish weekly, or bimonthly allows you to add fresh content to every issue as needed.

5. Subscribers. You will need to give people a reason to subscribe and then promote a landing page all over the Internet.

3 popular ways people build their email list is through traffic exchanges, pay per click advertising, and article marketing. You can also purchase co-registration leads to jumpstart your list.

Publishing an ezine is one of the best ways to market things online today. Once you learn how to do it you will see these five tools are easy to build on.

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