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Facts About Male Organ Sensitivity And Latex Barriers – They Really Can Go Hand In Hand

“It’s like taking a shower while wearing a raincoat.” That’s the description men often provide when they’re asked about intimacy involving a latex barrier. The barrier seems to block the sensation of skin gliding against skin, and for some men, the loss of male organ sensitivity can be so acute that they seem to lose steam in the midst of the process, leaving both partners frustrated and not quite satisfied. Thankfully, with some shopping help and a few male organ health care techniques, men can have a fabulous intimate experience, even while they’re wearing vital protection.

Plethora of Choices
Latex barriers of the 1970s and 1980s provided men with few options. They were made out of the same types of materials, filled with the same sorts of lubricants and designed to fit men who were of a certain size. It’s not surprising, then, that most men didn’t find these little sheaths appealing.

Times have certainly changed. Modern pharmacies now devote entire aisles to latex barriers, offering products made for men who are large, small, sensitive, adventuresome or just plain conventional. Some provide the sensation of heat, others are scented, others are thin and yet others are infused with flavor. Men who dislike wearing latex barriers might simply need to visit the local medical shop and start devoting a significant amount of time to experimentation. They might find that their male organ sensitivity woes stem from poor product choices, and the product testing phase might be fun for both a man and his partner.

Proper Placement
Most latex barriers are made to cover the entire length of the male organ, from the tip to the base, but there are variations in how that product might fit. Men with sensitivity issues might enjoy products that provide a bit more room at the tip, and with a little preparation, they might find that the product actually enhances, rather than diminishes their pleasure. A daub of water-based lubricant at the tip of the male organ can allow the loose latex barrier to slip and slide against the skin, providing greater sensation and opportunity for pleasure.

Sensitivity troubles can also be reduced when a man lets his partner help him to get dressed for the occasion. A partner might:

• Offer visual or verbal encouragement as the product is unwrapped
• Provide oral or manual stimulation before the latex barrier is placed
• Unfurl the sheath onto the man’s male organ
• Continue with oral or manual stimulation for a moment or two

These steps allow the action to progress even while the latex barrier is put in place. This momentum can keep a man’s mind engaged on pleasure, and the sheath may be easier to ignore as a result.

Preparing for Pleasure
Some men have latex barrier woes because they have a low amount of male organ sensitivity when their skin is in direct contact with the skin of another person. The sensory cells just aren’t functioning as they should, and wearing a latex barrier can make an annoying problem seem even more pronounced. Men like this might need to get serious about improving the quality of the skin that covers the male organ, so they can feel every ounce of pleasure that comes their way during intimacy.

A male organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) might provide the ideal solution. These products can moisten the skin, allowing callused and unfeeling cells to be replaced with younger, fresher, more receptive tissue. Products like this can also nourish the nervous system that lies beneath the surface of the skin, providing it with the vitamins and minerals it needs to function properly and work efficiently. Applying a product like this on a daily basis might make the male organ infinitely more responsive, so putting a latex barrier on results in only a small amount of sensory blunting. Men with significant loss of male organ sensation might find that this is the best way in which to prepare their bodies for intimacy, whether or not that episode will involve a latex barrier.