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Falling Asleep Proving Difficult?. Your Environment Might Help You Fall Asleep

Falling asleep sometimes just doesn’t always happen easily for everyone. To maximise your chances of falling asleep at bedtime make sure you’ve got your room – and bed – right for you.

Got Nice Sheets?

One of the nicest feelings in the world is getting into a bed made with crisp clean sheets. Sheets with a higher thread count are normally softer and smoother to sleep between.

Lower thread count fabric can often feel slightly rough and can even ‘pill’ over time (get tiny little bobbles all over).

When buying sheets make sure you can actually feel the fabric before you make your purchase. Buy the best quality you can afford.

Got Nice Blankets?

Whether you use blankets or a duvet comes down to personal preference but whichever you choose they should be clean and well aired.

Blankets should be light and fluffy to allow them to breathe so that air doesn’t get trapped causing you to over-heat.

Like sheets your blankets or duvet should feel good to the touch. It’s difficult to sleep well if you are constantly being irritated by a rough scratchy blanket.

Got a Good Pillow?

The choice of the best pillow is very much down to personal preference but there are a few rules that apply to whichever one you choose.

Your pillow should support your head and neck and feel comfortable to you.

An extra removable cover – in addition to your pillowcase – will help to keep your pillow clean and fresh. As soon as your pillow starts to show signs of age, replace it.

It’s almost impossible to fall asleep on an old, lumpy, stale smelling pillow.

Got a Good Mattress?

Having a good mattress is one of the most important factors in ensuring you get a good night’s sleep.

The incorrect mattress will leave you with all sorts of problems – back and neck pain in particular. Go to a specialist mattress store and try the mattresses out by actually lying on them. Once again purchase the very best you can afford and look on it as an investment in you. What price can you put on feeling bright and refreshed in the morning?

Room the Right temperature? Whilst it may feel cosy to snuggle down in a warm room when it’s cold out, that cosiness may turn into a night sweat later on and that’s a sure way to a disturbed night.

For some it might be a good idea to have two or three layers on the bed that you can pull up or throw off as required during the night.

Like many things in life, sleeping isn’t an exact science. What works for one won’t work for someone else. Experiment with your room and bedding until you get the right mix for you.

If your room is a soothing relaxing place to be falling asleep should become a pleasure and not a chore.

If falling asleep is proving difficult and you just dread going to bed. The answer may lie in turning your bedroom in to a relaxing,soothing place. Your bedtime needs to be a pleasurable experience.