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Fall/Winter Colors for 2011-2012 – Plan Now So You’re In Sync with the Designers

If your summertime dreams are giving way to sparkling fantasies about handmade jewelry, now is the time to start painting those fantasies in the colors deemed by fashion designers to be the colors for the fall and winter season, 2011.

This year, fall and winter will feature colors, as opposed to the more neutral grays and blacks of seasons past. The 2011 season’s palette enlivens your exterior decorating with shades of nature — think, fields of lavender, juicy cantaloupe and honeydew or even spindrift. Since spindrift refers to the spray off storm tossed waves, we can think of this as a kind of neutral.

That’s one point of view. Another comes from the annual Pantone View Color Planner. Those folks describe this year’s color scheme as Wonder. In this case, Wonder includes such interesting color families as Blue Sky, Science, Crystal Formations, 100% Pure, and even a Cult of Nothing. The associated colors are reds, blue-greens, magenta, rich browns, “oxygenated” greens, gold, gray and even something called “airy pales.” Perhaps these airy pales are cousins to spindrift.

Besides your color choices, your tastes in personal adornment may lean towards gemstone jewelry. Look for big, bold, and unique. Picture a jewel encrusted snake, elephant, bird, or even a bug enjoying center stage in your ensemble. As Dorothy once said, “Lions and tigers and bears – oh my!” These scene stealers can stand alone, so pick one fantastic piece that centers and accentuates your range in the fall color spectrum.

Another hot trend is arms full of bangles, particularly square shaped bracelets, an especially new look. Since they are very innovative, they will probably endure for several seasons. This makes angled arm adornments a good investment this year.

Necklaces are extravagantly layered, or support enormous hunks of metal that sometimes seem to evoke recycled bits of construction debris. The all metal look is still big, literally and figuratively, but not massive. You can even carry your spare change around your neck with a coin necklace.

The whole idea of jewelry being an accessory that compliments the dress has been reversed with these dramatic pieces. This year, the dress is chosen to provide a frame for the jewelry. This is particularly true in the case of the collar necklaces. These styles can be as simple as a Peter Pan model evoking a more innocent time to elaborate pieces adorned with wild animals. Those craving handmade bead jewelry can indulge themselves with these creations.

The runways are filled with ultra long earrings and fringes, lots of fringes. Some necklaces dangle down to there, with cutout figures seeming to take on a life of their own. The theme seems to be “go big or go home, but especially prevalent is handmade beaded or gemstone jewelry when it comes to earrings and other noteworthy pieces.

So, whether you choose spindrift or magenta, coins or collars, the back to school and back to fashion fall season promises to be much more than a Cult of Nothing!

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