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Find just the perfect furnished apartment in ATLANTA,GA

When a consultant, whose long-term stay is critical to your business,wants to bring along his or her family (even just for weekends),this request may appear overwhelming. Never fear! FRED LEMON & ASSOCIATES,INC.can arrange for affordable and comfortable short or long term corporate housing in ATLANTA, GA that will feel like a home away from home.FRED LEMON & ASSOCIATES,INC.has an array of fully furnished apartments that may include family-friendly amenities like a pool and gardens. These accommodations are roomy, inviting,and have all the desirable amenities.

FRED LEMON & ASSOCIATES, INC. sets a new standard for interim corporate housing,especially when it comes to families. Having the family gather around a dining table to eat a home-cooked meal — especially when hundreds of miles away from home — makes a world of difference to everyone’s well-being.FRED LEMON & ASSOCIATES,INC.has the solution for making the traveling consultant (and family) feel right at home!

Searching for corporate housing in Atlanta,GA just became easier with the new web site launched by Fred Lemon and Associates is a new connection for business travelers searching for furnished apartments in Atlanta.

For those business travelers searching for furnished apartments in Atlanta the task of endless searching has just become easier with the updated web site launched by Fred Lemon and Associates found online at corporate Apartments in Atlanta offered by Fred Lemon is perfect for short-term stays in Atlanta including business travel,temporary assignments and re-locations.

Many business owners are not familiar with the term “corporate housing”.

Corporate housing in Atlanta offers a furnished corporate apartment and is a preferred,cost-effective alternative to executives staying in a hotel in Atlanta.Many business travelers to Atlanta are faced with long term stays in hotels and many do not know that corporate apartments in Atlanta are available for short term rental in Atlanta.The new site, allows business travelers to connect with floor plans,amenity information, maps and more in the click of their mouse.

Fred Lemon and Associates provides one and two bedroom furnished apartments in Atlanta which are fully furnished with everything travelers will need to make their corporate housing in Atlanta feel just like home.

Fred Lemon and Associates provides fully furnished corporate apartments in Atlanta for temporary and relocating business travelers.The web site provides information on accommodations for business professionals and consultants on short term assignments away from home and searching for furnished apartments in Atlanta.Fred Lemon and Associates will assist large and small corporations with housing for relocating employees or employees on temporary project assignments.

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