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Find The Best Teeth Whitening Product That Works For You

How do you find the best teeth whitening product? It seems like everyone, men and women alike, are looking for the best way to whiten their teeth. A whiter, brighter smile has been equated with beauty and youth. People want to be able to smile more and look friendlier. This increased demand for whiter teeth has resulted in a huge expansion in the number of teeth whitening products available today. You have so many different options that it can be very difficult to make a choice. Let’s take a look at some of the tooth whitening products available and see if we can make some sense of it all.

One decision you’ll need to make is whether you want to try simple home herbal remedies, purchase one of the many over-the-counter teeth whitening products, or visit your dentist to see if he can provide professional tooth whitening products. Herbal remedies for teeth whitening may seem like a simple solution, but they could actually be difficult to locate. Some herbal remedies for teeth whitening that have been used for years include the use of babul (acacia arabica) toothpicks, banyan (ficus religiosa) tooth brushes and holy basil (ocimum sanctum) toothpaste.

Some people maintain that it’s possible to keep your teeth white by following a certain diet. For example, it is thought that bitter and astringent foods can help to whiten teeth and reduce plaque buildup. These foods include strawberries and tomatoes. Others suggest that you can rub orange peel on your teeth. Sugary foods should be avoided as much as possible. When you do eat foods with sugar, you should try to brush your teeth or wash out your mouth as soon as possible. As you might expect, advocates for the tooth whitening diet encourage the avoidance of excess tea and coffee.

If herbal remedies and diet simply aren’t enough, there are several teeth whitening products that are available for easy purchase at your local pharmacy, grocery store, or superstore. The most basic of these is whitening toothpaste. In addition to the normal abrasives that all toothpastes containing, whitening toothpastes add a gentle polishing ingredient. In terms of over-the-counter tooth whitening products, whitening toothpaste is the least aggressive step. It can be effective against surface stains, but if your enamel is truly discolored, you’ll need something a little stronger.

Other teeth whitening products that are easy to purchase include whitening gels and whitening strips. Although they’re not very concentrated, they do contain peroxide-based ingredients that actually penetrate your enamel to remove stains. The only significant difference between gels and strips is the method of application. Whitening gels are normally brushed directly onto your teeth twice a day for about two weeks. Whitening strips are coated with gel. You place them on your teeth for about 30 minutes at a time. Gels and strips can be effective tooth whitening products, and the results you obtain should last about four months.

If gels and strips don’t seem to be quite enough for your particular situation, you might want to look at tray-based tooth whitening products. These products include a bite-shaped tray that you can fill with a peroxide tooth bleaching gel. You place the filled trays on your teeth and leave them for the time specified.

If your stains and discolorations seem severe, over-the-counter tooth whitening products might not be strong enough. For more dramatic and long-lasting results, you might consider visiting your dentist. He has access to several professional tooth whitening products that can be safely used under supervision. After consultation, your dentist may suggest an in-home treatment with occasional visits for monitoring, or he may decide that you would benefit from an in-office treatment that lasts an hour or two.

You should be aware that the use of any teeth whitening products may lead to sore gums and teeth. You may notice some increased tooth sensitivity. These symptoms are almost always temporary. Tooth whitening products are not effective for everyone. In fact, about 22% of people with discolorations don’t respond to any type of teeth whitening products. However, a perfect smile can still be obtained through the use of veneers or crowns.

Ultimately, the best tooth whitening products for you will depend on the cause of your discolorations and their severity. Your best bet before attempting any kind of teeth whitening is to visit your dentist first. He can make sure that your oral health is good and will be able to offer suggestions on which of the many teeth whitening products you should try.

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