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Finding A Safe Stairlift For Any Home

When mobility becomes a trouble, the first priority is to ensure that an elder person is in a position to mount the stairs in safety. As the body grow older, it often becomes stiffer and weaker, and this can make an elderly person vulnerable to mishaps and wear and tear stress that can maximize their mobility troubles. For many, moving into a bungalow is not the answer they need, and so they can decide to try out stair lifts instead. While looking for an appropriate stairlifts UK installer, it is important to keep in mind to look at safety concerns before agreeing to go ahead with the home improvement.

Firstly, when considering which type of stair lift to have in your house, it is essential to look towards the safety features of the stair lifts you are being shown. Few may have particular safety features, for example a sensor that could identify objects on the stairs that can block the root of the lift, or a safety lock which is used to avoid the person travelling in it from falling off, and has to be locked into place before the lift could move off. Based on the security requirements of each and every individual, it is important to look towards the different safety pros and cons of each kind of lift.

When discussing your requirements with a stairlifts UK firm, you might also ask if the stairlift has been approved according to EU and UK safety laws. Majority of the stair lifts obtainable have been approved, and they will carry a symbol, seal or number that recognizes them as having been approved as a satisfactory design for a working stair lift. These seals will increase the trust worthiness of the stair lift, and ensure that it functions to a reasonable standard. All of these details can be checked with safety boards in the UK.

When you are considering the specific features of stair lifts in the UK, you should also look towards the impact that the design of the chair can have on the space available. Few of the stairlifts are designed to be installed in compact spaces like curved stairs, while others have swivel chairs which can be used by people who have mobility difficulties at any age. The swivel seat will enable the user to move the chair away from the wall before sitting, providing them more room to maneuver, and can then be looked into place before the lift starts to move, making sure that they are completely safe as the lift goes up or down the stairs.

The Age UK Group offers a variety of stair lift features, including a powered folding footplate and a powered swivel seat; which makes using a stair lift even easier. To learn more about straight stair lift, please visit: