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Finding Homes in Paradise

The island of Ibiza has become a popular tourist destination. The mild winters and cool summers make this Mediterranean island a tourist hotspot. Think of Ibiza and one conjures up images of an exotic seaside destination. The year-round sunshine and the minimal rain add to its charm.

If you are a photography buff, the natural landscapes of this island paradise will make you click your way to glory. Sun, sand, and sea combine to create magnificent scenes that are worthy of paintings. If one is an out and out tourist, one can also explore the island either on foot or by taking one of the numerous ferries. One could come across famous tourist spots such as the Es Vedra, which is said to be the third most magnetic place on earth.

The island is steeped in history as it dates back to the seventh century B.C. Initially named “Ibossim”, which meant “island of pines”, Ibiza is now popularly known as the ‘entertainment island of the world’.

A terrific nightlife is one of Ibiza’s major attractions. Ibiza Town and Sant Antoni bring in all the people looking for great nightclubs. Fans of dance music can rejoice because Ibiza is the home of the Balearic Beat. This is a genre of music which uses a number of stringed instruments to create the mood for the party.

Given its beauty and nightlife, it is no wonder that people flock to its shores. Many fall in love with this Mediterranean paradise and purchase holiday homes here. Nowadays, with the development of a golf course on the island, golf villas are in great demand. As for shopping, one must visit the hippy markets at places like Punta Arabi.

The island also offers us much in the way of art and culture. The D’Alt Vila has been marked out as a UNESCO World Heritage site and it dates back to the reign of Felipe II in the sixteenth century. Walk through the gate and there is the Placa de la Vila, which is great for the arty and philosophical tourist who wants to broaden his/her horizons. If one is interested in art, the Museum of Contemporary Art must not be missed. There is also an archaeological museum housing relics from an ancient past for the tourist with a love for history.

Depending on one’s tastes, the island of Ibiza has much to offer — from beaches and parties to sightseeing and culture.

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