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Finding The Best Crappie Fishing Boats

Obviously, there are hundreds of various crappie fishing boats geared toward making fishing easier and more efficient for anglers. However, upon reading reviews from various anglers and hearing about the options, advantages, and disadvantages of different boats, you’ll find that there are some manufacturers that are preferred by the most frequent fishermen.

Of all the articles you’ll find about choosing a crappie fishing boat, most will agree that a Procraft is an excellent choice for the sport. While various features of a boat are important to different anglers for different types of fishing a crappie fishing boat must have an excellent trolling motor. In the 1980’s, the Procraft used an Evinrude motor that was perfect for this purpose; a 17 foot boat was pushed by a 150 horsepower motor that allowed the boat to pop up on the surface on plane quickly. Because no one wants the noise or the intrusion of a crappie fishing boat to disturb the crappie, this is important in the eyes of many anglers.

Because a crappie fishing boat is typically not used for any other purpose, it doesn’t have to be large. In fact, many anglers prefer to keep their boats fairly small, perhaps between 15 and 17 feet at the largest. This allows for plenty of room for one or two fishermen in the boat with all of the equipment, a nice outboard motor, and room leftover for the maximum catch allowed in a day at the particular lake you choose to tap.

As for special features of a crappie fishing boat, there aren’t many that are necessary or even appeal to anglers. Most crappie fishermen tend to prefer keeping life simple. However, if there was a little something extra that might catch the eye of a crappie fisherman, it would be a rack for multiple poles to be cast at once for trolling. Since more lures trolling at various depths in the water mean more opportunity to catch crappie, most true anglers will cast at least six lines at a time, and some will drop over a dozen. In order to best control all of these poles, they will build a specialized rack to assist in maintaining the lines. A boat that already has such a rack would be a dream for many anglers.

However, because these fishermen intend to use their crappie fishing boats for years and put hundreds of hours on them, the most important things are that the boat is sturdy and durable, and that the engine will hold out for a long time. If these two things are true of a crappie fishing boat, it is likely that the boat is ideal for use by most fishermen.

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