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First Date Tips and Conversation Starters

One of the things that many singles have difficulty with is talking with a new person or going out on a first date. Whether it is chatting with someone that you met online or going on a blind date, these experiences can sometimes be uncomfortable and stressful. Here are some tips on first date ideas, as well as starting a conversation up and keeping it going.

First Date Ideas
For most people, the goal of a first date is to meet a person and to figure out if you are either interested or compatible with that person. While a first date doesn’t have to be a perfect 10 to know that there can be something in the future with this person, most people just want it to go positively.

One of the best places to go for a first date is to a coffee shop. Coffee shops are great, because you can sit and talk to one another. You won’t get to know each other sitting in a darkened movie theater staring at a screen for two hours. Coffee shops are usually made for conversation; they are affordable for singles on a budget and located in convenient locations. Plus you can meet during the evening or even schedule a lunch date.

If you find that you are not that sociable or pretty quiet when you date, you might want to set up a date where you both do an activity. First dates such as bowling, rollerblading or ice skating are a great way to meet someone new and if the conversation slows down, you can focus on your activity. You can take this idea one step further and instead of doing an athletic based activity, you can choose a cultural activity, such as an exhibition, visiting a museum or enjoying a live musical performance.

Ultimately, your goal is to figure out if you enjoy this person’s company, so choose dates that fit your style and personality, while also giving you an opportunity to get to know someone new.

Conversation Starters
Let’s face it; it can be very difficult to start a conversation with someone that you don’t know at all or very well. While there are people that are experts and can make friends with anyone, most people usually find themselves tongue tied or speechless at certain moments. One of the ways to avoid this obstacle is to remember common and easy to use conversation starters.

First off, conversations starters are not closed ended sentences that require no input from the other person; they are open ended questions or statements that invite the other person to share their thoughts. You don’t have to ask very smart questions, you can just engage in small comfortable chit chat that gets you both talking, eventually, this small chit chat will lead to a more meaningful and interesting conversation. Some of the most common conversation starts are; how was your weekend? Have you been to a specific place before (the restaurant or coffee shop that you are at)? What area are you from originally? W school or college did you attend? You can also talk about movies, music, favorite television shows, etc. The goal is to relax and feel comfortable conversing with the other person, once relaxed and comfortable, the conversation will usually flow.

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