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Fishing Lures – Small Things Make Big Differences in Angling

When you think of fishing, there is perhaps no piece of equipment more recognized than fishing lures. There are countless thousands of lures on the market, and there is something for just about every species of fish to mistake for a good meal. Fishing lures today come in just about every conceivable color and shape, from bright neon minnows, to larger rubber frogs and crawfish. Finding the right lures for the days on the lake sometimes can be tricky, as during different seasons a lake fish such as a bass or trout change their diet to accommodate the various temperatures and water conditions.

While many people enjoy using a good old worm to land a fish on the docks every now and again, it is the lures that tend to offer the best strikes from the larger fish. Species such as bass, pike, and walleye tend to go after larger quick moving bait, when it comes to mealtime. This is not to say that a larger predatory fish will not enjoy a worm every once and a while, it just means that lures are more apt to look like what they are accustomed to hunting in regards to prey.

When it comes to lures there are a great number of benefits when fishing, allowing the angler many options when it comes to choice being the most obvious. There are however some disadvantages as well when it comes to lures. Easily the biggest disadvantage that lures possess, would have to be the snag factor. Sometimes when casting lures in tight areas that may include weeds or water logged driftwood, fishing lures may become snagged and unable to release. There are good possibilities at this point that you can loose that prized lure, as you will be unable to get it free from the object. This could easily become a rather costly day on the lake, should you loose 3-5 lures while trying to get your cast in tight where a school may be in staging.

Sometimes a smart fish may not go after even some of the best fishing lures, as it still may be skeptical of the lures movements and deem it non-edible. Matching the right fishing lures with the right species and season, can make all the difference in the world when it comes to being successful on the lake. Trying to catch a small lake trout with lures that are primarily designed for large mouth bass, will only show you just how smart a fish can really be. For this very reason lures are designed around the breed themselves, and are diligently worked on to improve their success rate when used. Perhaps one of the best ways to ensure some level of success with lures, would be to do some research on the species themselves.

By studying their natural habitat, their feeding preferences, and there behaviors, you will be able to get a better understanding of this particular breeds traits. From this point you will be more suited to make an educated guess on which fishing lures will work best for what you are after.

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