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Fishing Vice Not So Evil

Fly fisherman are taking over the craft world by storm. Sure, no one wants to decorate his walls with flies, except maybe a fisherman, but with their creativity in gear, fly fishermen are genuinely creating tiny, functional works of art that literally bring dinner to the table.

Fly fisherman have been engaged in tying their own flies for years. They do so for a couple of reasons, both practical and creative. At times, tying your own fly can really save you some money. In the end you have to ask yourself if the time spent tying a fly is worth the money saved. Additionally, fly tying will give a fisherman his needed creative fix as he can use whatever colors and materials he deems necessary to lure a fish unto his hook.

Fly tying requires very few but important tools, primarily among them, a vise. The vise, also spelled vice works almost like pliers in creating the fly. You can find the necessary fly tying tools like thread, scissors, a whip finisher, and bodkin, at specialized fly stores, outdoor stores, and even, now, online suppliers.

As you consider your vise, try not to fall into the trap of searching for the cheapest one. Because like many things, you will get what you pay for. And you need a good vise if you plan on creating some beautiful and functional ties. Typically a vise can run you anywhere from $20 to $400. Avoid your $20 vices. They will not last you nearly long enough, and they will even malfunction and possibly ruin the good work youve done on a decent fly.

Make sure that your vise can accommodate all kinds of hooks. For example, saltwater and freshwater hooks are much different. Freshwater is smaller, and thus not all vises can work with this type of hook. Always asks questions as you shop, because after all, if youre planning on putting a few hundred dollars down on a small device, you want what you pay for.

One of the more interesting devices available on the market is the vice that can rotate a fly 360 degrees, so you can literally work on any part of it thanks to this big holder. These kinds of vises have the potential to empty your bank account, though, so novices should consider a less expensive device before investing in this hobby.

In the end, you only need a few tools to create a great fly and a lot of imagination. But the best imagination in the world can easily be hampered by sub par tools, so look for the best that you can afford, and start creating.

Resources of fly fishing can be found at: www.excitingflyfishing.comand here