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Fitness Ebooks Training Guides is a website that has a collection of books on how to lose fat, muscle building, supplements, and general training. In the website you can also find a free e-book section and a review section where you can find review of popular training books. As fitness is a great concern for every individual, you will benefit from the products on the website. Popular reviews you can find on from different categories include, The Best Exercises you have never heard of by Nick Nilsson and Metabolic Surge also by Nick Nilsson.

The Best Exercise you have never heard of by Nick Nilsson is a popular review on When you read this book you will discover that the exercises in the book are not a variation of the exercises you have done in the gym. They are new exercises you may not have heard about. The book includes exercises for the triceps, traps, hamstrings, wings etc. The great thing about the book is that it teaches you about the tips and tricks on how to solve the difficulties you encounter during the exercises and how you can make the exercise better. The instructor has a detailed knowledge about the routines he has written in the book. In Nick’s book, you will find between five and twelve exercises for every body parts excluding two groups of muscles, the neck and the forearms. However, you may find that you cannot use all the methods explained in the book because of your personal limitations.

Metabolic Surge Rapid fat loss by Nick Nilsson is another popular review on In this review you will find effective techniques for fat loss because it is about losing fat fast. When you follow the instructions in the book you can lose ten pounds over the weekend. When you follow up with that routine you can see great results in thirty six days since the technique in the book will help you melt down fat easily. In your exercise program you may have tried low intensity exercises for fat loss and you will understand that they have limitations. In the book, Nick explains about some great intensity training in the cardio section that will definitely produce great results. Metabolic Surge has good information on nutrition, exercises, reps, to lesser known techniques like Muscle Rounds, and lactic Acid training. Muscle Rounds will help you to make muscle with a fat loss program. You will also discover Nick effectively manages to manipulate body hormones to help you keep the body in constant fat loss mode. Metabolic Surge is a very intensive program. There is a preparatory section for entry level trainee and it is still considered a hardcore program. There is a scaled down version of the full Metabolic Surge program for beginners to intermediate trainers. The low carb approach makes it difficult to follow. Some people may not be able to do so for medical reasons. For this reason there is a variation in diet for people who cannot follow the low carb method and this may limit the results. Metabolic Surge is an intensive training program which is highly recommended for body builders who like to train with intensity.

These reviews by Nick Nilsson and other books are available on As fitness enthusiast you are encouraged to read the reviews on fitness ebooks and read these reviews. The benefits of reading these reviews on the website are many and you have everything to gain from these great resources.

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