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Five Easy Male Organ Exercises That Keep A Man Ready To Perform

Every man alive wants to keep his package in good, active shape. Being able to obtain solid male organ function ensures that a guy will be ready when an action-packed evening of pleasure knocks at the door. But just like a person needs to train in order to do his absolute best in a marathon, a man needs to engage in regular male organ exercises so that his instrument is ready to go the distance; that’s simply good male organ care.

Clearly, one of the best exercises around is the act of pleasure, whether alone or with another person; but to truly strengthen male function, a man needs to expand his workout beyond this undeniably sensual option.

Here are a few exercises that can benefit all men. Committing to some of these on a regular basis can enrich male function and positively impact performance.

Kegel or PC exercises — The pubococcygeus muscle (or the PC muscle, for short) is the muscle that, among other things, controls the flow of urine; it also plays a part in male organ function. If a guy is urinating and suddenly needs to stop, he automatically contracts or squeezes his PC muscle. The act of contracting the PC muscle is called a Kegel exercise (after the doctor who developed it).

Males can exercise the PC muscle by simply contracting and releasing it numerous times. That’s easy at first but gets progressively harder after several repetitions. Start simple: try squeezing for two seconds, then releasing for two, and repeat this five times. Do at least three sets of five repetitions over the course of a day. As it gets easier, increase the length of time for each squeeze and release and the number of repetitions in each set.

Male organ power lifting — Many men like this exercise because it requires a firm manhood and so gives them a legitimate excuse to stroke themselves. Once a man has achieved firmness, he puts something soft and lightweight on the manhood, such as a dish towel or a washcloth. With the object in place, he performs a set of PC exercises; the slight extra weight of the towel or cloth will force the PC muscle to work harder.

Squats — This exercise involves several parts of the body, so a person needs a certain level of strength and coordination before attempting this. Slowly go from a standing position to a squatting position, then use muscles to push the pelvis forward; hold it for a few seconds; and release. Repeat two more times.

Lifts — This exercise can place strain on the back, so men with back issues should avoid this. Lie down flat on the floor or a mat. Move the feet in toward the torso and bend the knees; keep the feet about shoulder-width apart. With hands flat on the floor by the side of the torso, lift the pelvis up, hold for two seconds and release. Repeat two more times.

Edging practice — This is another exercise that pleases many men. Set aside a good, solid chunk of time for self-pleasure. Using proper lubrication, indulge to the point of release, but stop before actually letting it go. Repeat at least three times before allowing release to occur.

After a set of exercises, especially those that involve a lot of manhood touching, it’s a good idea to utilize a male organ health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) to soothe the skin. In addition, quality creams contain ingredients such as L-Arginine and vitamin C that help increase blood flow; appropriate manhood blood flow is an important factor in healthy tumescence. As a bonus, products containing acetyl L carnitine can promote increased sensitivity, which can strengthen one’s enjoyment of sensual activities.