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Five Harms for Office Lady Health

To tell the truth, according to my personal experience, there is less time to do exercise and relax while taking a job in the office. Sometimes, working in the office always makes me feel nervous and stressful. In the modern society, office ladies always get heavy burden from work, which makes them have less time to relax and become depressive. These factors will become invisible health problems to gradually damage office lady health. In this article, it shows what should not be done for the long-term health.

One: avoid work overload

With the increasingly fierce competition, the pace of work of modern career women becomes increasingly tense, making them prone to mental pressure. In fact, mental and physical overload are detrimental to health, causing endocrine disorders and resulting in a variety of physical and mental diseases. Therefore, it’s extremely necessary for professional women to ease the psychological tension, rational organization of work, study and life. What’s more important, office ladies should adhere to physical exercise.

Two: avoid depression and sadness

In daily life, troubles are inevitable. The thing we can do is to vent or transfer a bad mood to adjust ourselves rather than hold down in our mind. Keeping a good mood is beneficial to both mental and physical health.

Three: avoid losing weight blindly

Everyone loves beauty, especially professional women. Working in the office is easy to make office ladies gain weight. However, it’s dangerous for them to have diet tea or diet meals to lose weight. Those weight loss products are harmful to health, making the body collapsed.

Four: avoid heavy make-up

For the work needs, it’s necessary for professional women to make up, but avoid heavy make-up. Because, cosmetics on the market today, no matter how top grade they are, contain much chemical ingredients, such as mercury, lead, and a lot of preservatives. Therefore, these chemicals will seriously irritate the skin, and powder particles easily clog pores, leading to blocking the skin’s respiratory function.

Five: avoid smoking to relieve boredom

At present, many women think that smoking is fashionable. In fact, it’s extremely harmful to women’s health. According to the statistics, the incidence of heart disease on smoking women was ten times higher than those who didn’t smoke. In addition, for young women, smoking also inhibits the facial blood circulation, accelerating the aging face.

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