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Five Healthy Killers Shorten Woman’s Lifetime

The medical profession in the past used to think that repeated weight loss will lead to metabolic disorders, decreased muscle density, and even sudden death, the negative effect of repeated weight loss and fertility should not be optimistic for women. To maintain a healthy life, women should get away from the following bad habits.
Repeated weight loss
Recently, a study of Washington Medical Center found that the body repeatedly to lose weight long-term the immunity will decrease. Although not yet identified the specific reasons, but the researchers found that repeated weight loss will reduce the cell viability ability to against colds, infections and early cancer.

For people who are overweight, reduce weight of 4.5 kg can reduce the incidence of hypertension and diabetes, lose excess fat is certainly better than dragging a chic, but the key is how to defend their own weight-loss results.

Many people believe that sun will not only bring their own charming color to give further health benefits. But do not underestimate the sun’s powerful – frequent or too long exposure to the sun may cause skin cancer and premature aging. While no one can prove that sun and skin cancer have a direct causal relationship, but research shows that those who have had experience of suffering from sunburn has a higher probability of melanoma than people who are not.

Often stay in noisy environment
You love rock and roll when young, but you will find yourself hearing deteriorated now. Often in noisy environments likely to cause auditory reception of sound wave down, and sometimes could not hear the words of others, around the time of the noise situation is even worse. As each year goes by, people in turn will slow the voice of a higher band, which refers to your ability to listen to high pitched sounds such as doorbells, phones reduced.

Excessive drinking
Alcohol can easily lead to alcoholism; especially in their immediate family members has such circumstances. The medical profession defined drinking as: drink 5 bottles or more than 5 bottles of beer, or blood alcohol content is above 0.08. Large amounts of alcohol can kill brain cells in the long run, and will lead to memory loss. It may also cause fatty liver, cirrhosis and other liver diseases.

Whether you are a light smoker or heavy smoker, the harmful ingredients contained in cigarettes will greatly increase your risk of heart disease, lung cancer and other types of cancer risk.

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