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Five Male Organ Health Benefits Of Intimate Relations

It’s no secret that intimacy feels good. All of the pleasure receptors buried inside the body burst to life under the touch of the right partner, and the glow that follows a successful session can stick with a guy for hours. But the activity can do more than just elicit an intense feeling of pleasure. In fact, intimacy can be very good for the male organ. Here are just five ways in which regular intimacy with a willing partner can benefit the male organ, along with a few male organ care tips that can help men to be prepared for the next opportunity.

1. Intimacy Boosts Heart Health
A healthy manhood begins with a healthy heart, as this muscle is responsible for pushing the blood from other parts of the body to the waiting vessels inside the male organ. If the blood can move fast enough, a solid and impressive tumescence will result, and studies suggest that regular intimacy can keep the heart pumping, as well as reducing blood pressure.

2. Coupling Burns Calories
While the amount of calories burned varies dramatically depending on the positions used and the speed at which the actions are performed, an average intimate session lasting about 30 minutes can burn about 85 calories. Men who engage in relations every day could find that they’re just a little bit slimmer and just a little bit more fit, and reducing the amount of abdominal fat can actually make the male organ look bigger.

3. Regular Relations Improves Fertility
Not all intimate activity must lead to parenthood, but men attempting to father a child might need to have intimacy more often than men who are having intimacy just for fun, simply because volume and quality of seed improve with frequent release. Taking the action to completion could be vital for men who want to have children in the near future.

4. Intimacy Improves Self-Esteem
During intimate relations, the brain releases a wide variety of chemicals, including:

• Dopamine
• Serotonin
• Oxytocin
• Norepinephrine

These chemicals all have individual roles to play within the brain, but taken together, this cocktail is a potent stress-buster and mood-enhancer. A brain flooded with chemicals like this feels happy, in control and able to tackle almost anything. While emotions like this might not make the male organ itself healthier, the brain attached to that male organ might have the confidence to shrug off stress, sneer in the face of rejection and otherwise behave in a way that’s confident and assured.

5. Intimacy May Lower Prostate Cancer Risk
The prostate gland goes into overtime during intimacy, producing the majority of the fluid that emerges. While the gland doesn’t necessarily store this fluid for long periods of time, studies suggest that men who release it on a regular basis have a lowered incidence of prostate cancer, possibly because they’re removing the fluid from the body before it has a chance to harbor abnormalities that can lead to cancer. It’s a form of flushing the ducts, and it could be incredibly important to overall health.

Preparing for Showtime
The male organ is designed to perform, and thankfully, there’s very little men need to do in order to ensure that their equipment is in fine working order when it’s time for play. However, applying a male organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) on a daily basis could help a man to ensure that his male organ is both healthy and attractive to a partner. The skin softening agents in these products can help the male organ to stretch and grow during firmness, and the vitamins can help reduce the power of odor-causing bacteria. A quality male organ health creme can also help to soothe skin that’s been a bit chafed by intimate activity, helping the skin to heal for the next session.