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Five Qualities of Good Goals

Goal is important. Goal is like the destination on your journey. We need the destination so that we can look into the map. See where we want to go. Look at the direction we need to go. Estimate our time spent until we reach that destination. Check the compass to see where we should really head and start walking until we are there. The steps are not much different from what we normally do in everyday life. We need to know the destination before we get into our car and drive.

The chance that we bump into what we want is less than none. We will not get what we want if we do not have clear and precise goal. Here are the five qualities of the goal to be considered before the goal setting process. These qualities are mentioned long time ago in the management classes in the MBA-hit era. This is called S.M.A.R.T goal setting process. S.M.A.R.T. is an acronym for the real qualities we need have in our goals. The S.M.A.R.T. goals are:

1. Specific: We need to set the goal that is specific and clear. Our goals have to be specific enough that we really know where the direction we need to go. The clarity of the goal is as important as the destination in the map when we are lost in the dessert. The chance that we will lose our life in the dessert is very high if we do not know exactly where we should go in order to get out. The expert said that without the direction in the dessert and you are lost. If you keep walking, you will finally come back to where you start. This is caused by only that either you are a left handed or right handed. Your leg usage will be in the same pattern. You will be better in one leg than the other. That will lead to only a few degree of deviation in your walking. And if you walk long enough, the deviation will make you come back to the starting point. Therefore, every time you decide to set up your goal, think of the picture of yourself lost in the dessert. You will not treat goal setting lightly if you see that picture. You must be clear enough to your goal so that you will not end up sadly.

2. Measurable: The goal has to be able to be measured. In order to evaluate our progress, we need some number to compare with what we plan for. If you want some money, do not just write a goal that you need some money. Specify the amount of money you want and the time frame. Make your goal quantifiable. You will know if you need to adjust anything on your actions during your journey.

3. Achievable: The goal that is not achievable does not lead the person to their motivated state. A lot of people set up a goal and think that the higher the goal is, the more they achieve. This is not true if they do not the achievability. Your brain will immediately refuse the goal once it appears since you will not believe that you can make it through.

4. Realistic: We need to be honest to ourselves on goal setting. Wanting double or triple income while you want to spend most of your time playing golf may not be realistic. If the goal is not realistic, the brain will immediately reject it again. Make sure that your goal is reasonable to yourself and your action.

5. Time bound: Time is the only resource that everybody has equally. This valuable resource will signify your success or failure. The plan that has no time frame will not be achieved since people tend to procrastinate. If you do not have your deadline, the chance that you postpone your activity until further time is very high. Once the time is bound, you know that you will need to commit on your activities. You will not overlook your action since you know that the time matters on your goal achievement.

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