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Five Things Every Gourmet Tea Lover Must Know

So you are also one of those who wake up to the call of that perfect morning cup of tea! It is quite surprising to know how a simple cup of tea can affect your entire day. A nicely brewed fresh cup of tea in the morning helps you to get going for the rest of the day, and therefore it is quite likely that you surely wouldn’t like to compromise when it comes to the quality of your favorite beverage.

If you are an avid tea lover then you sure have tried several kinds of tea that are available on the market, out of which, some you might have liked and some you didn’t. However, if taste, quality and color are what you are looking for, then gourmet tea is worth a try. Here in this article we will discuss a few important aspects of gourmet tea that makes it all the more preferable to people.

What makes tea ‘Gourmet’?

The term ‘gourmet’ stands for class, sophistication, and high quality, so when we say ‘Gourmet Tea’ it means a genre of tea that is of high quality and fine taste. Therefore, the name itself is quite explanatory of what this particular type of tea is all about.

How to distinguish gourmet tea from others of its kind?

In order to classify tea as gourmet, it is very important for it to fulfill certain criteria. They are as follow:

Loose tea is gourmet:

For a type of tea to be classified as gourmet, it is very important for it to be loose and should not come in any tea bag. The teas that come in tea bags do not qualify as gourmet tea.

Tea quality:

The quality of the tea also plays an important role in making it gourmet. The quality has to be excellent. Poor quality or graded tea can never reach the status of gourmet. Some of these teas are of such fine quality that they charge hundreds of dollars for a pound.

Tea blend:

The blend of the tea also defines the category it falls under. So, like quality, the blend of the tea also has to be simply excellent to be able to qualify as gourmet tea.

Why go for gourmet tea?

If you have gone through this article carefully, then you are sure to have an idea by now why one should opt for gourmet tea. However, below are a few reasons to support the same:

• It has many health benefits.

• It offers you excellent taste.

• It offers you different flavors and styles of tea.

• Beautiful aroma.

Where do I find gourmet tea?

There are two ways to go about it; either you go to a tea store in person or simply use the internet to shop for gourmet tea. However, there are pros and cons both like, if you go to a store, then your options will be limited but you can personally examine the product before buying and in case you plan to buy online, then of course you will be exposed to a wide range of products, the only drawback is with shopping for tea online is that you can’t analyze the tea before making your purchase. Having said this, good companies usually guarantee the quality of tea they deliver. After all, their credibility is directly related to the quality of tea they provide!

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