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Five Ways of Diet Habits Help Live Longer

As we all know, no matter what health care products you eat or some surgeries you take to keep young and prolong life, and the truth is that there is a little help. Recently, according to an article published on the U.S. MSN site pointed out that adhering to good eating habits is a key to help you to live longer. A healthy diet can affect almost every part of the body. Healthy eating habits can also help to live longer by giving the nutrients and the fuel to the body needs to remaining strong and function properly. The following are five ways of diet habits which can help to live happier, more comfortable and longer:

Drink two glasses of water before each meal

For most people, weight control is a “protracted war”. Recently, researchers found that drinking two glasses of water before meals can help to reduce hunger and food intake, and it has a better effect to weight loss than that of diet. In addition, our body is composed mostly of water. Drinking more water can help us flush out the toxins.

Eat raw onion against heart disease

A professor from Harvard Medical School pointed out that onions contain a lot of flavonoids which can protect the heart. Therefore, eating half an onion or drinking the same amount of onion juice each day is an effective way to protect the heart. At the same time, eating raw onions also do good to high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.

Eat high-fiber foods before going to bed

Dr. Judith Waterman from Massachusetts Institute of Technology said: eat low-calorie carbohydrate snack an half hour before going to bed, such as cereals, which is beneficial to sleep. Most experts agree that sleeping time is less than seven hours or only sleeping at odd hours is more likely to trigger many illnesses including cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Dark fruits help anti-aging

Fruits and vegetables are beneficial to health. Compared with light-colored fruit, dark fruit contains more antioxidants, vitamins, selenium, iron, calcium and other materials which have effects on anti-cancer, and anti-aging.

Have an early dinner

Eating dinner too late not only affects sleep, hoard calories, but also is prone to trigger urinary tract stones. Especially for the old, the best time to have dinner is at six or seven in the afternoon.

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