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Flood Victims Evacuated From Thier Homes as Climate Change takes it’s toll.

Mass evacuation from homes is a constant and real threat to us all. Year round flooding and raging bush and scrubland fires on a global scale is very much in prospect for the foreseeable future. This statement is borne from the evidence of today by the families who are currently out of their real homes. Insurance companies are being buried under a welter of substantial claims and Families need real help in getting their lives back together.

In addition to flooding, raging bush and scrubland fires caused by natural events are becoming more severe. World headlines cannot be ignored, neither can the proof that is pitifully visual, because modern communications allow us access to the devastation.

Most people around the world are insured against disaster and have a right to expect that their claim will be handled sympathetically and with reasonable efficiency by their chosen Insurer. So many families have been forced to evacuate their homes and in some cases have to prevail in unsavoury conditions in accommodation provided by emergency services. Most are happy just to be safe but as time draws on the patience and camaraderie wears thin.

The pressure that Insurers are having to put up with is very much of their own making because of their policies in procuring supply chain Contractors. They almost without exception pressurise for lower and lower prices and then demand exceptionally high levels of service. The simple truth is obvious, ‘You cannot get a dollar from a two cent pot’.

The acceptance of these claims in their entirety is critical so what helpis available to Policy Holders. Not just accepted but in a reasonable timescale and to a proper standard. How are you to enter the weird and mystical world of Insurance settlements. Well, it all starts with the proper selection of your policy.

There are literally thousands of Insurance Companies that are able to supply you and they will offer you incentives to buy from them. They want you to buy on price. You should not be tempted, look for value for money. Make a list of the key things that are important to you and shop around until you have these issues covered. Be sure, and check your current Insurers out. You may well have been with them for years but they may not have a track record in handling disasters.

You need to be able to control and trust all the supply chain Contractors. These consist of Restoration Companies, Specialist Restorers, Builders, Decorators and Ground Workers. Never forget that you have control of your home even if it is in need of substantial restoration. Your homes threshold is inviolate and should remain under your control.

Almost certainly a Loss Adjuster will be instructed to manage your claim on behalf of Insurers. Their charter requires them to stand square between the Insurer and the Policy Holder. Their role is to ensure that the terms of the policy are strictly adhered to by both parties. A heartening statement but reality is different. Insurers are treating them as part of the supply chain and putting them under pressure to reduce claim costs. This action alone could ruin your claim. Loss Adjusters can be difficult and you need to know how they work in order to control them.

Because the worlds climate is changing and causing exceptional conditions from natural disasters we all need to be very focussed on what could happen to our community and our way of life. It is vital that we insure ouselves because it is our only protection. So, What happens next?

There are ten key stages of your claim that you need to understand and control because there is little question that the unsuspecting and safe amongst us will suffer.
The new eBook telling you how to handle everything from buying your policy to satisfying your claim is a masterstroke! It tells of how to have a successful claim even if initially rejected. You need to visit ; and you need to do it very soon.