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Flying With Children – Top Tips

If you’re booking your family holidays and will be taking the kids for the first time, or you have travelled before but found the experience incredibly difficult then help is here.

Pre Departure

– Firstly it’s extremelyimportant to run through with the children beforehand what will happen at the airport. Explain to them about landing and take-off, and various other procedures that they might encounter and also that they must behave.

– When checking in try and make sure that you get aisle seats so you can control the children and also try and secure a window seat for the kids to keep them occupied.

– Mention that you are travelling with children so that you aren’t seated next to the emergency exits (you might end up getting moved due to age restrictions).

– Try and reserve seats as far forward as possible, not only is it quieter but there will be less people to annoy!

– Try and book a flight that isn’t full as you might get free seats next to you (handy for sleeping toddlers)

– Carry a change of clothes for the little ones AND for yourself as mishaps can happen.

– Don’t forget to pack your kids favourite toys, teddy bears, colouring books etc (if they are electronic then make sure the sound is turned off).

– Pack a small extra cushion.

– Pin the name of your child to their clothing should they get lost.

– Try and keep your little ones up very late the night before travelling, more than likely they will sleep the whole journey, or alternatively book night flights.

– Non-spill cups are vital for keeping toddlers hydrated and seats dry.

Travelling with an infant

– Ask for a baby bed and try and reserve a bulkhead seat to accomodate it, otherwise reserve normal seats as the armrests are moveable.

– If your infant is travelling on your lap then ask for a a lap restraint.

– Bring enough food and nappies should there be any delays.

– Take a fold-able pushchair which are usually included in the luggage allowance and are easier than trying to carry a baby around the airport with suitcases in tow..

– During take-off give your baby a bottle or a dummy to suck on as this will enable the baby’s ears to adjust to the cabin pressure changes. (If breastfeeding try and co-ordinate feeding times with landing and take-off.

– Finally, stretch your legs every now and again. Keep a sense of humour and keep reminding yourself that you’ll be relaxing on a beach before you know it!

Try not to worry about flying with young children and it should never be a reason for not taking that much needed family holiday. You now have these tips to help you and the airport staff and crew on the plane will always do whatever they can to assist you and ensure your journey is as straighforward as possible.

For family holidays make sure that your holiday is 100% ATOL and ABTA bonded